Senator Pushes Bill for better Cooperation between Law Enforcement and Federal Immigration Authorities

As the immigration debate continues, reports that California State Senator has pushed for a legislation that would make it mandatory for local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials and notify them of any pending release of an illegal immigrant who is a convicted felon. Not surprisingly, the sensible move had to come from the Republicans who have legally fiercely contested the Obama administration’s warped immigration policies that will and has already hit the hard working American dearly.

The black teen unemployment rate is just atrocious. It is obvious President Obama cares more about his ideology than doing what is right for Americans.


Census Bureau data indicates surge in Mexican immigrant population

An analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies, a pro-border enforcement group, of Census Bureau data found that the population of immigrants in the US has increased by almost 2 million from last year. The number of immigrants now stands at 42.1 million with a large influx of Mexicans being one of the major contributors to the rising population, as reported by

America is sinking unskilled labor

According to Census Bureau data, there was a sharp increase of 740,000 in 2014 while immigrants make up 13% of the United State’s population. There has been a rise in the number of illegal as well as legal immigrants with as many as 4.1 million added between the second quarter of 2011 and 2015.

The major influx last year accounted for 1.7 million. According to the CIS, the current growth rate is the largest increase since 2000. The population of both illegal and legal Mexicans touched 12.1 million this year. Mexican immigrants have been a major issue touched on by many in the 2016 presidential race.

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The CIS study also indicates an increase in the number of OTMs or ‘other than Mexicans’ with as many as 449,000 entering the United States from other Latin American countries. Data also revealed that as many as 80 percent of illegal immigrants originated from Mexico and Latin America so they can grab free benefits and live off the American taxpayer.