Maine Deportation and Green Card Lawyers and Attorneys

Millions from around the globe want to come to America. Some want to work temporarily, and other immigrants want to come to the U.S. and build a life. Maine has a relatively small population of foreign-born nationals, but many immigrants wind up in New England state.

Visa Categories and immigration statuses

Immigrants have dozens of visas to choose from whether they just want to visit the U.S. or move there permanently. U.S. visas are either immigrant (permanent) or nonimmigrant (temporary) and are awarded to immigrants depending on how long they plan on being in the U.S. and if they intend to immigrate.

Immigrant (permanent) visas include:

IR1 or CR1- Spouse of U.S. citizen

K-1- Fiancé(e)of U.S. citizen

DV- Diversity Visa

Nonimmigrant (temporary) visas include:

H-1B Visas- For skilled workers with bachelor’s degrees or higher

H-2B Visas- For seasonal temporary in agricultural industry

H-2B Visas-  For seasonal temporary work in the hospitality industry

In 2015, the State Department issued 21,613 employment-based nonimmigrant visas.

Asylum- Some immigrants are who are in physical danger or have been persecuted in their native countries. Refugee status is hard to obtain because immigrants go through an extensive vetting process.

Becoming a legal permanent resident

Many of Maine’s immigrants strive for legal permanent residency or a green card. The status gives the holder work authorization and permission to live in the U.S. indefinitely. Green card holders have the right to travel internationally and within in the U.S. Legal permanent residents also have the right to sponsor a family member for a visa or green card. If you need more information about green cards visit the USCIS website.

What it takes to become a naturalized U.S. citizen in Maine

A large faction of immigrants come to the U.S. with the goal of becoming U.S. citizens, but it is a long and complicated process. If an immigrant wants to be naturalized, they must establish residency, go through biometrics screening, conduct an interview with immigration officials along with becoming proficient in English and understand how the American government works. It’s a complicated task that an immigrant should get help with by retaining an immigration lawyer.

Getting U.S. citizenship is rewarding and a privilege of a lifetime, but it is also an arduous task. If your goal is naturalization, we recommend you consult with an immigration lawyer in Maine and learn what steps come next.

Immigration in Maine

Just 3.7 percent of Maine’s population is foreign-born, per the Migration Policy Institute.

Immigrating to America is not an easy, some immigrants cross a border before getting authorization or remaining in the U.S. after their visa expires. Entering the U.S. without permission is illegal and has numerous ramifications and usually, results in deportation.

Local law enforcement in Maine cooperate with federal agencies in a program known as Secure Communities. Under that program, if law enforcement arrests a person who may be an undocumented immigrant, they must crosscheck that individual’s fingerprints with a federal database to see if they are undocumented. Law enforcement is then asked to hold the immigrant for immigration authorities.

If you are an immigrant in Maine and would like to obtain an employment visa or family-based visa, or need to fight removal, USAttorneys encourages you to consult with an immigration attorney near your Maine location. We have a knowledgeable team of immigration lawyers who can assist you with

Our team of immigration lawyers can help immigrants with:

Travel visa

Employment-based visa

Family-based immigration

Humanitarian parole

Adjustment of status

Naturalization application

Defense against deportation