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 The U.S. draws millions of immigrants from every continent on earth. They come to experience all the art, culture and natural wonders each of the fifty states offers. Many immigrants also want to enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities Americans enjoy.  Immigrating to the U.S. is a rewarding experience, but it is not an easy endeavor and hopeful immigrants who hope to settle in Louisiana need to understand the process.

Facts about immigration in Louisiana

Below are some interesting facts about immigration in Louisiana from the Migration Policy Institute:

In 2014, Louisiana was home to 194, 277 foreign-born nationals.

Forty-eight percent of immigrants in Louisiana are Latino.

Twenty-seven percent of immigrants in Louisiana are Asian.

Legal immigration in Louisiana

Most immigrants who come to Louisiana get permission to be in the country by applying for a visa. The most common visas fall into three categories:

Travel visa

Work visa

Family-based visa

The type of visa each immigrant applies for depends on why an immigrant wants to travel to the states. The visa you apply for depends on the why you want to enter the U.S. An immigrant who wants to come to Louisiana for travel, to work a seasonal job or visit family are going to need a nonimmigrant visa. An person who wants to stay in the If they want to stay permanently, an individual should apply for an immigrant visa.

For additional information about immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, we urge you to visit: https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-nonimmigrant-workers or https://www.uscis.gov/.

Getting a visa can be a lengthy process and an individual can wait long a long time before they get approval. A hopeful immigrant must first choose the right visa and submit an accurate application free from errors. A visa application can be delayed for months for any inaccuracies or a missed deadline. Immigrants who want assurances that their visa application will be approved should retain an immigration attorney.

Other means of lawful entry

Not all immigrants need a visa to enter and can apply for a special immigration status including asylum and immigration parole. Asylum is reserved for immigrants whose personal safety is in jeopardy because of war or persecution. (Visit the USCIS website to learn if you or a loved one are eligible for asylum.) Humanitarian parole is a temporary status granted to individuals when conditions in their native country are unlivable or unsafe, typically because of a natural disaster or gang violence. Visit the USCIS website to see a list of countries where the citizens are eligible for humanitarian parole.

Unauthorized immigration to Louisiana

Too many immigrants enter the U.S. without authorization by illegal border crossings. About 40 percent of undocumented immigrants overstayed a visa. Either way, being an undocumented immigrant is risky because they face detention, deportation, fines and being banned from the U.S. for several years or permanently.

Entering the country without documentation or legal has many consequences including deportation, costly fines and the possibility of being barred from the U.S. Before entering without authorization, we recommend you speak with an immigration lawyer so they can explain the consequences and explore the options of lawful entry available to you.

Immigration laws in Louisiana

Law enforcement agencies in Louisiana are required to check the immigration status of individuals they pull over or encounter in their communities if they suspect that person is undocumented. When an immigrant is arrested, police check their fingerprints with a federal database to determine their immigration status. If an immigrant is undocumented, they can be held for 48 hours until federal immigration authorities pick them.