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Kentucky Offers Some of The Finest Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys

The U.S. draws millions of visitors and immigrants to its shores every year. Individuals from the world over come to America to travel or build their lives. Whether an immigrant comes to Kentucky to work, to live, or to reunite with family, they need permission from U.S. immigration authorities.

Legally immigrating to Kentucky

About 3.7 percent of Kentucky’s population is foreign-born in 2015 the Migration Policy Institute reports, so it has a smaller immigrant population than most states. Thirty-six percent of foreign-born residents in the Bluegrass State are American citizens, and 63 percent are noncitizens. Some of those noncitizens also happen to be undocumented immigrants.

Applying for a visa or refugee status can be complicated, and as a result, many immigrants are denied entry into the U.S. so many immigrants enter illegally. Undocumented immigrants often live in endless fear of being forcibly removed and barred from the U.S. in the future. USAttorneys would like to encourage all immigrants to follow the legal process of immigration, so they don’t have to be afraid or removal.

Immigrants can get authorization to be in the U.S. by applying for a family-based visa, an employment visa, asylum or another immigration status. The U.S. State Department has 20 different types of visas for immigrants to choose from getting authorization to come to the U.S. Below are the most sought after U.S. visas:

Visas for short-term or long term travel

Visas for temporary employment

Visa for children, parents, and spouses

Fiancée/ Fiancé visas

If you want more information about visas State Department website is a good resource.

The above visas, except for the H-1B visa, fall into one of two categories: immigrant (permanent) and nonimmigrant (temporary). There are limits imposed by Congress on how many of each visa is awarded annually, and those caps are met quickly.

Refugee status and humanitarian parole

Refugee status is granted to individuals who are in danger in their native countries because of war or persecution.

When a natural disaster or drug and gang violence have deteriorated and conditions in a country are unlivable and dangerous, residents may be granted humanitarian parole. If an immigrant is at risk or provides a public benefit, they can come to the U.S. temporarily until conditions in their countries improve.

Legal permanent resident or green card holder

Green cards give immigrants permission to work and live in the U.S. permanently. Immigrants must be sponsored by a family member who is a legal permanent resident or U.S., an employer or someone who has been granted asylum.

U.S. Naturalization (citizenship)

The USCIS granted citizenship to 645, 949 immigrants in 2014, the Migration Policy Institute. Becoming a naturalized citizen is difficult, time-consuming and costly. But all your hard work with pay off when you  are granted citizenship.

If you need assistance with visa or green card application, USAttorneys can connect you with an immigration attorney in Kentucky. A skilled lawyer well versed in federal immigration laws will assist you with all stages of U.S. immigration so you have better chance of getting the immigration status you are seeking.