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 People from the world over want to visit or relocate in the U.S. Millions of immigrants are drawn to the freedoms and economic opportunities availible to U.S. citizens, immigrants and visitors alike. Immigrants live in all fifty states and Iowa is no exception. There were approximately 153,321 foreign-born nationals in the Hawkeye State, the Migration Policy Institute reports. When immigrants follow the correct legal channels, coming to America can be a rewarding experience.

Applying for a visa

For most, the immigration process begins with applying for a visa. The State Department offers dozens of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas with varying criteria. The specific visa an immigrant applies for is contingent on their nature of their visit and how long they plan on staying. Nonimmigrant visas are granted for temporary work or stays in Iowa, while immigrant visas are granted for permanent work or stays. Below are commonly requested immigrant and nonimmigrant visas:

Travel visa

Temporary work visa

Family-based visa

Fiancée/ Fiancé visa

Immigrant work visa

H-1B visa- dual intent visas

For more information about nonimmigrant visas (temporary) visas, we recommend you visit the official USCIS:

Getting a work or family visa can be a challenging and usually involves a lengthy application and a lengthy wait for approval. If you want to apply for a visa, you first need to know what type of visa is best in your case. You should get help with your visa application so you won’t miss a deadline or turn in an application that is incomplete or full of errors. Our immigration lawyers in Iowa will identify the visa you should apply for and guide you through the immigration process.

Different means of entry

Not all immigrants apply for visas, some immigrants are authorized to come because they are refugees or are granted humanitarian parole. Other means of entry include:

Asylum- Refugees who face harm or persecution in their native countries can ask for asylum. Visit the USCIS website to learn if you or a loved one are eligible for asylum.

Humanitarian parole- Humanitarian parole is a temporary immigration status granted to immigrants who live in countries that have been deemed unsafe because of a natural disaster or violence. The USCIS has a list of the countries where the citizens are eligible for humanitarian parole.

Risks of illegal immigration in Iowa

Every country has an issue with illegal immigration. Individuals cross borders without authorization or stay after their visa has expired and because they are undocumented they face many challenges. Undocumented immigrants are unable to enjoy their lives because they live under the constant risk of being detained or deported.

Iowa cooperates in a federal program called Secure Communities. The purpose of the program is to locate any undocumented immigrants taken into police custody so they can be held for immigration officials and deported. The consequences associated with illegal immigration include incarceration, costly fines and the possibility of being prohibited from entering the U.S in the future. USAttorneys recommends you speak with an immigration lawyer near your Iowa location to explain the consequences of unauthorized immigration and explore the different means you have for legal entry.