In today’s day in age immigration is a big topic

In today’s day in age immigration is a big topic, especially for various presidential candidates. Many people when they hear the term immigration think of mostly the Hispanics or primarily Mexicans. However when talking about immigration it refers to all the other people from around the world who wish to come to America for a great many of reasons, whether it is for financial or family everyone who wishes to enter this country must meet certain requirements before they are allowed to come to America and before they are allowed to stay in America permanently. Many Americans feel as though the immigration laws need to be reformed, however America does have one of the most strict immigration laws in the world, currently.

In order for the immigration laws to be reformed a bill must first be presented to congress. Then congress will decide to either reject the suggested law or let it go up for deliberation. If it goes up for deliberation congress can then decide if the suggested law is fine, if it needs some changes, or if it is going to be rejected all together. After that the judicial branch needs to decide if the suggested law is unconstitutional. If the suggested law is it will be rejected, if it isn’t then the judicial branch can choose to reject the suggested law or to pass it. After that the President sees the suggested law and can choose to pass the suggested law or deny the suggested law. The entire process does not have to go in this order but for this example let’s say it does. This, process takes a very long time to complete. This is the main reason immigration laws are difficult to change, and also difficult to add more to the immigration laws that already exist. So when Americans complain about how there is no change to the immigration laws or that it is not happening quick enough the main reason is that most of the people in our government have to agree to the change or addition.

Many Americans want to just keep out immigrant and say that immigrant ruins our country. This is not necessarily true. While there are some immigrants who take advantage of the system, there are many more that come to America to make a better life for them and their family, and participate in community functions. For example in my town, Moreno Valley, California, there are a many immigrants who want to work to help themselves and their families; they also want to give their children a better education and chance at life. Immigration reform can become a good thing if handled properly. People should not be admitted into the country mainly if they have family that is already present. People should be let into the country based upon whether or not they want to help the country, and not just themselves. America needs people who can bring a new perspective and help better the country. The people who are already here but are not helping the country but rather are taking advantage of the country should be sent back to their home country but should also be allowed to take their belongings with them. They should not be treated inhumanly just because they don’t help the country.

Some people believe that the “immigration problem” can be fixed if there is wall around the American border. This will not help immigration. It will simply be a rather large waste of money and time. What America does need is a more efficient way to get immigrant into the country and a more efficient way to see whether or not the immigrant who comes in won’t take advantage of the system. Many Americans also claim that immigrants are taking jobs from the people who were born in American. While immigrants do take some jobs with fewer complaints, many of the jobs they take are jobs that many Americans do not want, most times. Such as being a janitor, garbage man, plantation worker, and many more. Most Americans do not want to jobs that require manual labor, which are the jobs that many immigrants fill.

Immigration reform is a constant necessity to society and it will be required to change as society changes. However for many Americans they wish for the immigration reform to be far stricter than what it is currently. There are also many Americans who want the immigrants who are currently in America to be forced out. This is another topic that can be addressed in an immigration reform. However there will also be a great many Americans who will be against it as well.

In the end immigration reform is a very difficult subject matter. There are a great number of variables that must be considered when changing the immigration laws or when adding laws. What many people fail to see is that it is a very time consuming issue and it is very difficult to change and add to. So immigration reform is possible but the people must remain patient but also must make sure that their opinions are heard and are being considered.