Immigration Attorneys Fight to Keep ICE from Deporting Ohio Man

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Cleveland, OH – It has recently come to light that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is threatening to deport an Ohio father of four children.

According to, Jesus Lara Lopez, father of four American citizen children, is expected to be on a flight back to Mexico City in the very near future, all thanks to ICE.

Although he has no criminal record, has a valid work permit that was issued by the federal immigration officials a couple of years ago, has paid taxes, has never used food stamps, and has never collected housing compensation, it does not matter. Corresponding to the new administration’s instructions, all illegal immigrants must go.

This Ohio immigration case is nothing new; ICE’s website reveals that in the first 100 days after the Executive Orders for immigration enforcement priorities were signed, ICE has arrested over 41,000 people who were accused of being in the country illegally. This number equals a 37.6% jump from the same time frame in 2016.

Specifically, ICE reports that between January 22 and April 29, 2017 alone, 41,318 people were arrested on civil immigration charges. Last year between January 24 and April 30, only 30,028 people had been arrested on the same charges. Clearly, ICE has made it abundantly clear that anyone is subject to deportation, not just criminals. states that Lara Lopez initially came to the United States because he could not find a job in his hometown of Chiapas, Mexico. In 2001, he came to Florida in order to work picking vegetables. Shortly after, he found his way to Ohio where large farms in the Cleveland area need migrant workers to plant their crops.

However, in 2008 Lara Lopez was pulled over for a traffic violation. Because he did not have a valid Ohio driver’s license, he was reported to ICE. Despite receiving an order of deportation in 2008, he appealed his case to an immigration judge in Ohio and was allowed to stay and work.

Trouble started again in 2011 when he lost the appeal. While he was allowed to stay and work until his deportation order was activated, he was told he would probably be allowed to stay since his case was such a low priority.

It wasn’t until March that Lara Lopez received word to report to the Ohio ICE office. When he went to his appointment, he gave the ICE agent his employment history, letters supporting his good character, and his tax records. Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the agent from putting an ankle monitor on him and telling him to get ready for deportation.

So far, 33,000 people have signed a petition requesting ICE to not deport Lara Lopez, and to let him stay in the United States with his family. Currently, immigration attorneys in Ohio are working hard to ensure that he is not deported.

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