Immigrant: a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.  In Clinton, Arkansas there are many immigrants—more than would be expected of a small town.  While 110,000 people immigrate to America each year only 55,000 of them obtain visas to become citizens and able to live permanently in America.  Immigration attorneys are essential to the process that one goes through in order permanent dwelling, because they help prepare your petitions and applications, become your representation at Consulate/U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services interviews (UCIS), and help to interpret immigration laws and policy.

To apply for citizenship, one must prepare a petition and application.  Immigration attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge regarding such petitions and applications.  The attorneys know how to make a strong case on their client’s behalf, and how to put together an application correctly and efficiently.  Immigration attorneys help to guide their client through the immigration process so that their client may be able to provide the appropriate documents to support their petition.  They also know how to organize both petition and application so that it UCIS can review and approve their client’s case quicker.  After the immigration attorney’s clients petition is approved, the attorney process the application and adjusts the status of their client to permanent resident.

In some cases of immigration, a person may need to have an interview at a consulate with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.   In cases like this it is beneficial for one who is immigrating to have legal aid in the form of an immigration attorney.  An immigration attorney literally handles immigration for a living, they have seen a lot and know what to do and what not to do.  They are able to list the details of an interview and work with the client on their interview skills, as well as providing the client with some key steps for a good interview; such steps could include: being prepared (bringing all the necessary documents with them), answering only the questions asked by the interviewer, dressing appropriately, remaining calm, and showing up on time for the interview.

When a person emigrates from their home and immigrates somewhere else, sometimes they do not always understand the language or policies of the new place, and need extra help.  Immigration lawyers are there to provide services for immigrants that regular lawyers cannot provide.  They know the laws of their country and what is needed for a person to immigrate into the new country, so they are fully equipped to explain the rules to their clients.  Immigration lawyers are able to provide their clients with extensive knowledge of all the related immigration laws and regulations that are applicable to the case, and are then able to present the legal argument in such a way that is beneficial to their clients seeking citizenship.

The process of immigration is—at times—long and difficult, but having someone who knows the legality of a country to help with the process makes everything go much easier.  Immigration lawyers are beneficial to not only the immigrant seeking citizenship, but to everyone who is involved in the processing of an application and petition.  Immigration attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and experience that other attorneys are not, and are therefore the most important part of the immigration process.