With every passing day the debate on President Obama’s immigration reforms program intensifies with the GOP aggressively pushing for a halt to the program. One of the recent incidents to boost their cause is the arrest of an illegal immigrant caught with false documents.

According to an IBTimes report, Orlando Castaneda-Diaz was caught impersonating a Border Patrol agent. 24 year old Diaz was on a bus bound for Houston from the Mexican border when he was discovered by US national security officials at a Texas checkpoint.

Central Americans continue to flee their countries

The officials found Diaz in possession of a Social Security card, driver’s license, and birth certificate belonging to a fellow Border Patrol agent. Diaz shaved his head in an attempt to appear like the Border Patrol agent on the driver’s license. $2,000 is what he claims it took to purchase the documents in Mexico before crossing the border illegally on April 12th. This is despite Mexico’s so called crackdown on illegal immigration over the recent months.

According to a Global Post report, deportations of Central Americans by Mexican officials doubled this year to 25,000 as compared to last year. Program officer for the Mexico program of the Washington Office on Latin America Clay Boggs said the data was a clear indication that a large number of Central Americans are still fleeing their countries with Mexico taking on the responsibility of cracking down on illegal immigration, a role that is usually fulfilled by the United States.

Federal data indicates decline in arrests

According to immigration attorneys, Diaz will face charges of immigration fraud and making a false claim to US citizenship. As per federal immigration officials, document fraud poses serious threat to public safety and national security but many people know this means very little to Obama.

Over 12 individuals in Texas were recently arrested for document fraud and now face up to 20 years in federal prison prior to deportation. Federal data indicates that around 98,000 people were arrested for trying to cross the border into the US from Mexico from the beginning of this year. This figure is much lower when compared with the 1.6 million people stopped by agents in 2000.

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Jeb Bush talks tough on immigration reforms 

Meanwhile, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has made his stance on Obama’s immigration reforms policy very clear. As per a report in The Hill, in an interview on the Michael Medved Show, Bush said he was ready to act and overturn the president’s immigration executive actions if the federal courts did not put a halt to the program.

He was of the opinion that the court would intervene and overturn the president’s executive actions by the time the next president was elected. Bush accused the president of granting temporary status to millions of people with a stroke of the pen instead of tackling immigration problems through legislation.

According to immigration attorneys, 26 states have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration, stating that his actions were unconstitutional. So far, they have succeeded in obtaining a temporary injunction on the program ordered by a Texas judge. The former governor continues to work aggressively to strike down the Obama administration’s program after facing criticism from some members of the GOP for not taking a tough enough stand on the issue.