Once a person obtains a green card, they can reside legally in the United States. The green card will remain valid based on what category it falls under. For instance, if a person obtains a green card through marriage, the validity of the card will last 2 years and then a person must further apply to have the conditions removed. A green card application can be rejected if a person does not fit the described criteria or they did not include all the necessary information in their paperwork.

If the new application Is accepted, a person may have their green card extended for another 2-10 years. If a person wants to gain permanent residence without any conditions in the United States, they should apply for naturalization. After a person has obtained their green card, they can obtain their citizenship through the naturalization process. This can be done through the USCIS. Anyone who is considering this should connect with an immigration attorney to ensure they are carrying out all the steps properly and that there are no unnecessary complications with their application process.

The only way for immigrants to obtain their citizenship is through properly filling out the legal paperwork and making sure they did not violate any of the terms for their green card before they started the application.

If a person wants to qualify for citizenship, they should ensure they do not have a criminal record and that they have a good moral character on top of ensuring they have the desired legal paperwork taken care of. It is integral for a person to speak with an attorney before applying because if a naturalization application is rejected, this may also endanger a person’s green card as well.

What should be done if a visa expires in San Antonio, Texas?

If a person’s visa expires, they must fix the problem as soon as possible. Ideally, a person should renew their visa well before it reaches its expiration date. If the expiration date passes, a person may even be deported, and they may also be prevented from applying for a visa again in the future. Anyone with an expired visa should speak with an immigration attorney as soon as possible to explore possible options to remedy their situation.

If a person suddenly receives a notice of deportation or a deportation order, they should not panic as there are legal steps that can be taken to prevent a person from their removal and to help them fight the order.

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