How do attorneys prevent their clients from being deported in San Antonio?

There has been controversy of whether some undocumented individuals can remain in the country legally, or if they should be subjected to deportation and other means of enforcing immigration laws. Some young people were brought into the country by their parents without following proper immigration procedures and they now face serious consequences.

A student who was part of the DACA program that allowed the children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the country legally for a certain period of time is now facing deportation issues in San Antonio.

DACA teen voluntarily leaves to avoid deportation

At a recent hearing, his immigration attorney told the judge assigned to the case that his client would voluntarily return to Mexico rather than face a deportation order. He expressed concern that a man of only 18 years of age would not want to go through the detention process and be forcefully brought back to another country. They planned to admit that his legal status had expired and introduce evidence of his intent to return to the judge.

There are other potentially serious consequences associated to facing a deportation order executed by immigration officials. The man would not be able to return to the U.S. legally for a number of years, because a deportation counts as an immigration offense on his record. There is even a possibility that he would never be allowed to return to the country at all due to this incident. By leaving voluntarily, these consequences will be totally avoided and he hopes to return legally at some point in the future, which will be much more easier without any record of immigration offenses.

The young man has been staying in the U.S. since he was brought here by his parents from Mexico when he was only 2 years old. He has already finished high school and aspires to make films one day.

Prosecutors who handle immigration cases for ICE had also expressed concerns about this man remaining in the country. He has been accused of using his social media accounts to make threats against law enforcement officers that were captured and introduced as evidence. Recent requests for him to extend his legal immigration status were also denied, and he was arrested and has been detained ever since.

How will immigration lawyers help during these kinds of incidents?

Immigration attorneys can help their clients extend their visas or complete other procedures that will help them remain in country legally. They can also advocate for their clients during immigration hearings and explain to a judge why the person should be allowed to remain in the country legally.

Immigration attorneys also routinely help clients file documentation to receive green cards, or important citizenship materials. There are some situations such as the story above where lawyers can help their clients avoid serious penalties related to immigration laws that may not be obvious, such as voluntarily leaving to avoid deportation.

Immigration attorneys are available in Texas

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