How Can I Remove the Conditions on a Conditional Permanent Resident Visa in San Antonio, Texas?

A green card allows a person to work and live legally in the United States. There are different forms of green cards, and one of them is conditional. In the case of a person having a conditional green card, it basically implies that they are given the privileges associated with the card (such as the status of a permanent resident) on a conditional basis, or for a specified period of time.

If a person wants to keep their status as a permanent resident, then they must apply to have their conditions removed during the 90 days before the expiration date of their green card. In most cases, individuals who are given the status of a conditional permanent resident have two years before they lose their status.

What can I do to have the conditions removed from my permanent residence status?

The steps a person has to take in order to ensure they keep their status vary depending on their situation. For instance, if a person is trying to remove the conditions on their green card which they obtained because of a marriage, then their spouse must file an application with the USCIS in order for the conditions to be lifted.

The first person an individual should contact when they are on a quest to obtaining a stable legal status is a green card attorney in San Antonio, Texas. A green card attorney can help a person figure out which forms they have to fill and can assist a person with gathering the required documents in order for their application to be processed smoothly.

Many times when it comes to immigration papers, most people needlessly extend the process by forgetting to place their signature somewhere or by forgetting to submit a specific paper with their application. One small mistake can cost a person many weeks of waiting. In order to prevent oneself from getting into such a situation, it is always a good idea to have a legal professional on one’s side from the very beginning of the application process.

It is very important that a person applies before the deadline when it comes to conditional permanent residence. If a person exceeds the time limit then there are strong chances they may not be able to apply as they normally would have. Even if a person has missed the time limit they should still get in touch with a legal professional to get advice on what steps they can take next in order to get the living status they desire.

Can I remove my spouse’s permanent resident status?

In the case that a spouse wants to remove the permanent residence status of their partner because they have gotten a divorce and they are no longer together, they need to petition for this as well and their case has to fulfill certain conditions in order for their request to be granted. An attorney can help a person through the entire process.