If U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) granted you permission to live and work in the U.S., yet you are now looking to make your status more permanent, you are going to want to apply for a green card. Unfortunately, there are few challenges that present themselves when it comes time to actually initiate the application process. This process can take six months or more and cost you hundreds of dollars. On top of that, you are required to submit a 20-page application, go through the fingerprinting process and pass an oral exam that requires you to have a deep understanding of American history, according to the NY Times.

The fact is, the process you or a family member must go through to receive their green card is extremely thorough, time-consuming, and confusing. And the last thing you want to do is submit an application that is filed incorrectly only to have it returned to you, rejected. To prevent this from happening, we encourage you to contact an Atlanta immigration attorney here at Kuck Immigration by calling 404-816-8611. They will be sure to provide you with the clarity, guidance, and advice you need to start the green card process and ensure your application is filed accurately.

Some other ways our immigration attorneys can help you apply for a green card and pass the corresponding test includes:

  1. Determining the type of green card you are eligible to receive and ensuring that you submit the correct application. Whether it is for a green card through family or a green card through employment, our lawyers are qualified to guide you in the right direction.
  2. Determine if you have to wait to receive your green card or if the category you are applying under offers unlimited green cards. The category you file under along with your country of origin all play a role in determining how long you are required to wait before a green card can be issued to you.
  3. Review with you the different types of test questions you will encounter on your exam. One part of the exam requires you to answer at least six questions correctly that pertain to American history. While USCIS provides you with a list of 100 questions to study from, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to get through. Our legal representatives can discuss ways for you to retain the information so that you are able to apply it when asked during your interview.
  4. Review what the oral interview will be like so that you feel prepped and ready to pass it.

With immigration laws becoming stricter, now isn’t the time to risk applying for a green card without the legal support the immigration attorneys at Kuck Immigration Partners in Atlanta offer. In the event you already applied for a green card yet your application was rejected or denied, our Atlanta immigration lawyers will be sure to get to the bottom of the issue and remedy it.


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