Houston Joins Fight against New Texas Immigration Law

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If you live in Houston and are worried about how Senate Bill 4 will affect you, contact our immigration lawyers today.

Houston, TX – Houston has recently joined the fight against Senate Bill 4, the new Texas immigration enforcement law.

According to The Texas Tribune, the bill will allow local Houston police to question the immigration status of detained people, as well as punish officials who don’t cooperate with federal authorities to turn over immigrants. If passed, the legislation would take effect on September 1st.

While Governor Greg Abbott says this bill will stop people from illegally committing crimes, The Texas Tribune says that the new law would go against the Constitution by jeopardizing equal protection and free speech. As a result, Senate Bill 4 has been causing many people to question whether or not immigration attorneys need to interfere or not, while Democratic lawmakers throughout Texas continue to encourage people to join in on the fight.

Due to all the backlash surrounding the new bill, Houston will be joining San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and other local governments in a lawsuit against Texas’ new immigration enforcement law. By Houston signing on, the four largest Texas cities will all be joined together in the fight against the new immigration bill.

Opposition to the new Texas immigration law is nothing new. In fact, The Texas Tribune reported that the lawsuit against the state was filed just a day after Greg Abbott signed the bill into Texas law. Since the time after the lawsuit was filed, an overwhelmingly large amount of cities across the state have joined the fight against what many immigration lawyers label an unconstitutional law.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has gone on the record saying that Houston is not only a diverse city, but a welcoming one. As a result, he reiterates that he has every right to defend the people of Houston, as they are expecting him to protect their best interests.

Turner is not the only one going out of his way to stand up for the people of Houston. State Representatives recently sent a letter to the Houston City Council requesting them to join the lawsuit against Senate Bill 4. Some of the state Reps. included Alma Allen, Garnet Coleman, and Mary Ann Perez.

When it comes to predicting the future of immigration law, there is no way to tell which direction it will take. You don’t have to deal with the stress of the unknown regarding your legal status, or how you will be treated because you came to the United States from another country, alone. Our immigration lawyers in Houston are here to ensure you don’t face any unwanted consequences due to your legal status.

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