If a non-resident wishes to gain permanent residence status in the United States, they should apply for a green card. Obtaining a green card is important for anyone who wants to live and lawfully work in the US and it also enables a person to qualify for citizenship status after three or five years of having their green card.

Green cards are also known as permanent resident cards and the government issues more than a million of these cards on a yearly basis. If a person has a family member who is a citizen of the United States, it’s a relatively straightforward process to apply for a green card as most green cards are assigned to people in this category.

The various green card categories include:

  • Family-based green cards
  • Diversity Lottery green cards
  • Employment-Based green cards
  • Longtime-Resident green cards
  • Humanitarian green cards
  • Marriage-based green card

Every application is different and based on a person’s circumstances they will need varying documentation to help support their application. Anyone who intends on applying for a green card should not wait or hesitate before reaching out to a lawyer who specializes in helping individuals with matters related to immigration.

When a person gets an experienced professional on their side, their chances of having their application accepted is greatly increased and they reduce their chances of making errors that could potentially compromise their application status.

Categories for an employment-based green card in San Antonio, Texas


If a person wants to apply for an employment visa, there are several categories they can choose from, including:

  • Priority workers (EB-1)
  • Professionals with advanced degrees and exceptional abilities (EB-2)
  • Skilled, unskilled, and professional workers (EB-3)
  • Special workers (EB-4)
  • Investors (EB-5)

Based on one’s personal circumstances, they should decide which category is best for them and what green card they are most likely to obtain. It is clear to see that immigration is not a simple process, and there are many big decisions a person needs to make before they even begin gathering the required information for their application. An attorney can give them the advice they need and help them through the entire procedure, so the best results are gained.

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