Government Gives Go Ahead for US Border Agents to Search American Citizens’ Cell Phones

The shackles are off. The US government is no longer going to make it easy for foreigners or Americans to blow up, shoot, kill, and beat down Americans like what has been happening since the Boston Bombing.

Though some of these tactics were started when President Obama was in office!

The US government has taken bold steps to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. In order to curtail the instances of miscreants entering the country on false pretexts, the US border agents have now been given the power to demand American citizens to hand over their cell phones. The directive has been used in several instances, leading to both positive and negative reactions.

Leading immigration legal counselors, who can be found on the blockbuster website which is a site that has given new hope to countless people from coast to coast, explain that US Border Agents have special authority which allows them to access private phones without any express approval from a judge.

Such authority is not available to police officers. Border agents also have the authority to check bags for the purpose of security compliance. However, it is their access to digital information of the private citizens, which has ruffled some feathers.

This is and has happened for citizens going in and out of the country. The 4th Amendment was written so it does not apply too strongly at the border.

How vital is your safety?

The main argument put forward by the critics of the policy are that such access may infringe the citizens’ right to privacy. The phones generally contain personal messages and pictures among other things, making the whole process much more invasive than a routine luggage check. At the very same time, such search may also compromise the privacy of people with whom the phone holder may have communicated in the past. This fact further complicates the legal and ethical issues associated with the power to search cell phones.

immigration 300x199 Government Gives Go Ahead for US Border Agents to Search American Citizens’ Cell Phones

America and the West are under attack

But does America want to be safe? Does America want more San Bernardinoes and Orlandos from happening? Are Americans willing to hand over some freedoms for the sake of not being murdered at a nightclub by some Islamic fanatic?

America is under attack by Islamic fundamentalists. In fact, radical Muslims have issued a jihad against the west.

According to Nathan Freed Wessler, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, it is important to ensure that the agents have sufficient reasons to justify their accessing private phones. He added that any unfettered right to search the phones may expose private details without any justifying reason.

However, what is not widely acknowledged is the fact these rules have been in place for a long time. Such power was used during the Obama administration as well. Currently, there are no studies to back up the claim that such searches have increased under the new administration but we all know Trump does not make decisions based on political correctness and America knows that political correctness has allowed terrorist attacks to occur, including the big one of 9-11.

A custom agency spokesman said that during 2015, 4,444 cell phones and 320 devices were accessed while the number rose to 23,000 in 2016. However, the United States sees over 300 million arrivals every year.

While such searches are important for national security, the public should be aware of their rights and duties as well. The agents cannot force anyone to unlock their electronic device but they may advise them to comply voluntarily. The agents also have the right to seize your device or to copy the data.

Another critical point to keep in mind is that while the agents may ask you to unlock your device, they cannot ask for passwords to your social media accounts. However, in most of the cases, such request is redundant as people generally remain logged in to their social media accounts. In such cases, the agents may rummage through your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts.

But if you are not doing anything wrong, is really something to go wild about? What is more important, your family’s safety or your Facebook account?

Such checks are critical for the overall welfare of society. You can take certain steps to minimize the hassle of such encounters. The most effective advice would be to travel with minimum amount of data. This step will also ensure that the guards are able to go through the case in a faster manner.

You can perhaps mail your tablet or laptop home to you so they are not on your person when or if this happens.

Make the lines faster!

There is no reason to be upset at DHS or some other agency, you can thank radical Islam for this. Many people are wondering why we still have to take off our shoes when going through the airport TSA line. Don’t we have technology that can see inside shoes by now?

Use technology to your advantage

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