Atlanta, GA- Two law enforcement agencies in Georgia are in talks with the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Customs Enforcement about participating in a federal immigration enforcement program, according to a recent report.

Bartow and Floyd Counties Discusses Joining Immigration Enforcement Program

Earlier this week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Bartow and Floyd Counties are talking to the Department of Homeland Security to discuss participation in the 287(g) program which gives local law enforcement officers the authority to assist federal agents in the apprehension and detention of immigrants eligible for deportation.

The 287 (G) program is authorized by a 1996 immigration law and enlists local officers to help with immigration enforcement. Local officers who undergo training are deputized by DHS and are given the authority to investigate, detain and remove immigrants facing deportation.

Immigrant advocates say the program makes communities in Georgia less safe because immigrants are afraid to report crimes over concerns police will detain them. There is also concern that these programs lead to racial profiling.

The AJC reports that Trump Administration called for an expansion of the program in a January executive order. Recently, ICE added 18 new 287(g) agreements, mostly in Texas, bringing the number of agencies participating in the program to 60 nationwide, according to the AJC.

Bartow and Floyd Counties have not been approved for the program yet. An ICE representative told the AJC if the agency decided to add a local force to the program, the agency would make an announcement.

Georgia counties participating in the 287 (G) program include:

Cobb County

Hall County

Gwinnett County

Whitfield County

For a complete list of law enforcement agencies participating in the 287(g) program visit the ICE website.

What Does the Program Mean for Immigrants?

This program means more immigrants in the Atlanta metro area could be put into deportation proceedings. Some immigrants may find themselves in removal proceedings for minor infractions. Others may be caught up in immigration sweeps for mistaken identity. If you are put into removal proceedings, recommends you speak to an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia.

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