My Green Card was stolen. How can I replace it?


You will need to file Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, with the U.S. Citizenship and Customs Enforcement (USCIS) department to replace your Green Card if it was stolen. You have the option of filing the form online or mailing it in if you don’t have internet access to download it. You can call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 and they will mail you a form. If you wish to file Form I-90 online, you can do so by clicking here. You are required to create an account if you don’t have one already set up.

Once you create an online account, you can track and manage your case. If you do mail in the form, USCIS will mail a USCIS Account Acceptance Notice to you. These are instructions on how to create a USCIS online account. You can visit the public library in Fort Wayne if you need access the internet so that you can create your account.

If you are mailing in Form I-90 because your Green Card was stolen, you will need to mail it to the following address:


If mailing by regular mail:

P.O. Box 21262
Phoenix, AZ 85036

When mailing with FedEx, UPS, or DHL:

Attention: I-90
1820 E. Skyharbor, Circle S, Floor 1
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85034


Other reasons why you would want to replace your Green Card include:

  • Your card was lost
  • Damaged
  • You became a permanent resident before you turned 14. If this is the case, you need to replace your card when you become 14 years old.


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How much does it cost to replace a stolen Green Card?


Unfortunately, the cost to replace a stolen Green Card is $455. You will also incur a biometric services fee of $85 as well. Filing fees vary depending on your reasoning for requesting a Green Card.


Other Information Relating to Green Card Fees


Aside from filing Form I-90 because your card was stolen, there are different fees based on the reason you are submitting the form. For instance,

You are not required to pay any fees if:

  • You never received your card in the mail.
  • If the Green Card you received contains incorrect data because of an error made on part of DHS.


You are subjected to a $455 and an $85 fee if:

  • Your card was lost or destroyed.
  • Your child turned 14 and their card will expire before their 16th If your child’s card is set to expire after their 16th birthday, you are only responsible for paying the $85 fee.
  • You have been converted to permanent residence status.
  • You are a commuter who is taking up residence in the U.S.
  • Your card will expire within six months or has already expired.
  • If your information has legally changed.
  • You are a permanent resident who is taking up commuter status.


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