Eleven Year old Girl Told By GOP Rep that her Father Should Be Deported

Murfreesboro, TN- The rhetoric surrounding the issue of illegal immigration can be harsh something  an eleven year old girl learned personally at a Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Town Hall when she got a candid and somewhat callous answer to her question about her undocumented father from Rep. Scott DesJarlais.

Josie was born in America and is documented, but her father is not, so she and her family live with the real possibility that one day he will be deported.

In front of a large crowd Josie Molina posed a question to Rep. DesJarlais at the Town Hall, “I have a dad and he’s undocumented, and what can I do so he can stay with me?”

While DesJarlais commended her for being brave and standing and asking her question in front of such “big and intimidating crowd.” His sympathy and compassion for the girl ended there, he continued by saying, “the answer still kinda remains the same.”

“We have laws and we need to follow those laws, and that’s where we are at,” DesJarlais said, essentially telling the girl her father should be deported, as the crowd applauded loudly.

In an interview with ABC News, Josie’s mother Megan Macaraeg, director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, said the applause made her daughter “mad and sad.”

DesJarlais has been very vocal in his opposition of the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bills likening it to “the Obamacare of immigration.”

In a statement, DesJarlais clarified his position by telling ABC News that he felt that he owed the girl an honest answer to her question. Further stating, “We are a nation of laws and breaking those laws have consequences.”

That’s an ironic statement coming from someone who the word hypocrite would describe perfectly. Last year, Rep. DesJarlais, who is a doctor, was accused of having sexual relationships with his patients, which violates his professional code of ethics and Tennessee laws. On top of that, the pro-life conservative landed in hot water when he suggested his mistress, who was also one of his patients, have an abortion after she became pregnant.

“While this country has always had a generous immigration policy, we simply cannot condone individuals coming here illegally,” DesJarlais’s statement said, “As a Member of Congress, I strongly believe I have a responsibility to be truthful, even if that means delivering difficult news.”

The plight of Josie and other children like her is one of the many reasons  that the President and the Senate felt it was time to tackle the country’s broken immigration system. There are thousands of children like Josie, who could see their families torn apart by deportation, which doesn’t really comport with the family values philosophy of Conservatives.

The Senate’s immigration bill gives a long and arduous pathway to citizenship to people like Josie’s father, but that is the major sticking point for House Conservatives, who view it as blanket amnesty, and have refused to vote on the bill. They will, instead, continue to work on a set of smaller bills and don’t plan on offering a pathway to citizenship.