Donald Trump Isn’t the Only individual with an Opinion on Immigration

The opposing views on the topic of immigration seem to be making their way into conversations, into the presidential campaigns, and now on a stage in New Orleans. Although many sit comfortable with the idea that undocumented immigrants continue to reside in our country, many are left feeling uneasy, and discontent. Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is fighting to put an end to our open door policy as he plans to have illegal immigrants deported back to their home country, however, many influential individuals are taking a stand and using their voice to display their own personal concerns.

If you live in the New Orleans, LA area you may be aware of who he is, but he is also known around the world for his ability to express immigrant oppression through art. José Torres-Tama lives in New Orleans and “has provided a local voice for immigrants, through his films and performances” according to Immigration attorneys in New Orleans highlight that Torres-Tama has been in the game for several years now displaying the many concerns that fail to diminish as he started with his work back in 1995.

Many of the immigrants who flee their country seeking citizenship are trying to remove their families from dangerous living conditions.

Torres-Tama is no new face to the stages in New Orleans nor to those located in other states and countries. Back in 2006, he shed light on the “difficulties immigrant workers have faced in helping to rebuild New Orleans.” And in 2009 he was recognized by the National Performance Network (NPR) for his first Creation Fund after creating a “Latino noir solo that explores the persecution of Latino immigrants across the land of the free.”

While many have the mindset that immigrant workers are “stealing” American jobs, they have contributed to society by helping rebuild the once broken city of New Orleans. Their contributions don’t stop there and perhaps that is one of the reasons why Torres-Tama continues to present his work to people across the world. While the topic of immigration security already stands as a common issue, it may become a much larger one once the new president accepts his/her role.  But, until that day comes, Torres-Tama will continue putting on his artistic displays of the struggles Latino immigrants face.

A current concern for many undocumented immigrants is which presidential candidate is going to take office.

One major strife many immigrants encounter is their ability to live in the U.S. and gain citizenship. While some are forced to leave, others suffer knowing that if they don’t obtain permanent residency, they too may be faced with the hardship of having to return back to their home country. Although acquiring the necessary documents to one day become a U.S. citizen may seem impossible, it can be accomplished with the help of a local New Orleans immigration lawyer. And for those who are in the process of being deported, understand that there are options to help put a halt to this process and deportation lawyers in New Orleans are available to assist with this matter.

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