Does the Trump Administration Have Plan to Curb Legal Immigration?

immigration 300x88 Does the Trump Administration Have Plan to Curb Legal Immigration?
The Trump Administration could unveil a bill to limit legal immigration before the end of summer, Politico reports.

Chicago, IL- Before being elected President, Donald Trump vowed to crack down on illegal immigration, but a new report indicates that the Trump Administration aims to curtail legal immigration as well.

Bill Coming This Summer to Curb Legal Immigration

Politico reports that the Trump Administration will introduce legislation later this summer aimed at cutting legal immigration in half by 2027. A source told Politico that the law would be introduced by Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Sen. David Purdue of Georgia with some revisions.

According to Politico, the secret immigration bill is a revised version of the RAISE Act which Sens. Cotton and Purdue introduced in February. The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act called for drastic changes to how immigrants would be allowed entry to the U.S., and how many skilled and non-skilled visas are issued each year.

Republicans have long been critical of allowing particular groups of immigrants to immigrate to the U.S. Under the RAISE Act, preferences for extended adults related to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents would be eliminated. That means adult parents (grandparents), adult siblings, unmarried adult children and married adult children cannot apply for a family-based visa or green card.

Another provision in the bill would create a new category of temporary visas for immigrants who need to come to the U.S. to take care of a loved one whose health is failing. An immigrant cannot receive public assistance and will not be allowed work while in the country if they qualify for this visa category,

The RAISE Act also:

Eliminates the diversity visa lottery which is 50,000 fewer visas

Reduces the how many refugees are granted legal permanent resident status each year by 50,000

Reduces legal immigration by 41 percent in the first year and by 50 percent over the next decade

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It’s wise to speak with your immigration attorney in Illinois regularly to see how changes to federal immigration laws will affect you.

If the bill reaches Congress, it will be controversial even with revisions and will be very difficult to pass, but it is not impossible. Many of the provisions in law make the pathways to legal citizenship narrower, reduce the number of refugees allowed entry, decrease low-skilled visas and will base green card status on merit based on education, occupation, and work experience.

With control of the House and Senate, it is possible that the bill will pass. If it does, immigrants who wish to apply for legal permanent resident status or citizenship will have an even harder time getting legal status. U.S. immigration laws can change drastically over the next four years, so immigrants need to stay informed and keep track how changes to the laws will change their status.

How immigration laws will change is uncertain. That is why it wise to hire an immigration attorney in Chicago and discuss what you need to do to ensure your status is clear and you don’t face removal. will connect you with a nearby attorney to help you maintain your legal status.

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