Individuals attempting to obtain a Green Card so they can legally reside in San Antonio, Texas for as long as they please have a few options available to them. Before deciding what option is most suited for a person, it is always in one’s best interest to connect with an immigration lawyer first.

Immigration should not be taken lightly and the process is often very complex and tedious. The smallest details are often considered with high importance and forgetting to put in one signature on one of the many forms a person will have to fill out can result in an unnecessary extension of time taken to get their application approved.

Anyone applying for a green card should first make sure they are eligible for one, to begin with. The following are some of the individuals who are generally eligible to obtain a green card:

  • Anyone who is an immediate relative of someone who is a U.S. citizen, such as a spouse, a minor child, or parents
  • Unmarried sons or daughters and siblings of a U.S citizen
  • A widow or widower of a U.S. Citizen
  • An employee who has received a green card through a job offer
  • An individual who receives a green card through investment
  • An individual who receives a green card because of their special status

Whether a person will obtain their green card or not depends on many different factors and a lawyer should be contacted before filling out any forms or signing any agreement to make sure there will be no legal complications later on down the road.

How Long will it take for me to get my green card in San Antonio, Texas

The immigration process is different for everyone and no matter what stage of immigration one is at, the amount of time it takes for their application to process will vary significantly based on their specific circumstances. One thing is for sure, however, the fewer mistakes a person makes in their application, the faster they will receive their green card.

When a person submits an incomplete application with missing signatures or missing information, then a request for the information will be sent out to the person and this will further prolong the process unnecessarily.

It can be very difficult to understand what a person has to do during the application process when one is applying for everything on their own. It is always best to call an immigration lawyer and get their professional advice and help to ensure the application is processed quickly and in one’s favor.

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