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 America is a beacon for immigrants seeking religious freedom, economic opportunities or a top-notch education. Millions if immigrants from Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East go through the immigration process and gain entry to U.S. through a visa, asylum or special immigration status.

Immigration in Delaware

Delaware has the sixth highest number of immigrants in the U.S., according to data from the Migration Policy Institute:

8.9 percent of the state’s population was foreign-born in 2014.

Twenty-nine percent of foreign-born nationals in Delaware are Latino.

Thirty-four percent or Delaware immigrants are Asian.

In 2014, 48.8 percent of immigrants in Delaware were naturalized citizens.

Over 48 percent of immigrants in Delaware are naturalized citizens.

Getting authorization to enter U.S.

Foreign-born nationals can enter the U.S. with authorization through several means depending on their reason for travel, conditions in their homeland, relationship to a green card holder and whether they have the sponsorship of an employer. We’ll discuss some of the more common means of entering the U.S. and Delaware legally:

Immigrant visas- An immigrant visa is granted to an immigrant hoping to obtain long-term residency or citizenship. The most common types of immigrant visas issued include work visas, family visas or fiancé visas.

H-1B- The H-1B visa is one of the most requested visas, but only 65,000 are issued each year. This type of visa is a temporary work visa, but it more of a dual-purpose visa since a holder can apply for a green card and eventual citizenship.

Nonimmigrant visas- Immigrants who want to come to the U.S. for travel or a short-term visit can apply for temporary work or travel visas. For more information on nonimmigrant visas visit the official website of the USCIS:

Asylum- Refugees who face harm or persecution in their native countries can ask for asylum. Visit the USCIS website to learn if you or a loved one are eligible for asylum.

The process of applying for a visa, refugee status or legal permanent residency is difficult and long. Any mistakes on an application or a missed deadline can delay your chances of gaining entry for months, possibly years.

Immigration can be difficult, so immigrants have to toil and strive for status they are hoping to get. First, immigrants must submit an application that is accurate and complete. Mistakes on an initial application could result in denial. Depending on the status you are seeking, you may be required to attend an interview with an immigration official.

If you need an immigration form or need to speak with an immigration official, there is USCIS field office in Delaware. Find out the contact details here:

Immigration laws in Delaware

Delaware is one of many states that participate in a federal program known as “Secure Communities.” That program requires law enforcement check the immigration status of arrestees.

Consequences of Illegal Entry

Experts estimate that between 11 and 12 million undocumented immigrants currently live in the U.S. Each one of them faces detention, deportation, fines and separation from family and friends. Entering the U.S. without authorization or overstaying a visa can result in a ban from entering the U.S. for up to ten years or permanently.

If you are an immigrant and want to work, join the family of getting married in Delaware, USAttorneys can help you find an experienced attorney. Our devoted team of immigration lawyers Delaware can assist immigrants with the following:

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