Customs Border Agents Storm on Greyhound Bus Demanding Papers and Making Arrests in Fort Lauderdale

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If you thought President Trump’s immigration reform efforts were getting out of hand after a man who had lived in the U.S. for nearly 30 years was separated from his family and deported back to Mexico, this next story only reveals the seriousness of the matter. In a video that has been retweeted 32,000 since this past weekend, we see border agents entering a Greyhound Bus in Fort Lauderdale, FL demanding papers from those traveling on the bus. The bus driver had told passengers that “security agents” were coming aboard for routine check, but that clearly wasn’t the case.

The agents approached a woman of Caribbean descent who wasn’t able to provide proof of residency and immediately arrested her. They pulled her luggage from the overhead bin and guided her off the bus. The source claimed the woman had traveled to Orlando to meet her granddaughter for the first time. Many of the people on the bus were shocked at the arrest as people should be entitled to ride a bus in peace and not have to worry about carrying a form of citizenship with them at all times.

While you may be wondering whether Custom Border Protection agents (CPB) are legally permitted to do this, the truth is, they are. Florida Immigration Coalition (FLIC) “says the bus line has argued it has no choice because federal immigration agents claim jurisdiction anywhere within 100 miles of a border, meaning all of Florida is fair game thanks to its extensive coastline” [Source: Miami New Times].


Border Patrol Agents Have Been Targeting Greyhound Buses for Years


This tactic of catching undocumented immigrants isn’t something new that has been implemented by border patrol agents. In fact, it has been used before by immigration officials since 2011. During that time, the Miami Herald had even issued a warning to those who planned to travel by Greyhound that they “were becoming dangerous territory for undocumented residents.” Arrests made on these buses had gone up by 25 percent in just one year, and at least a dozen immigrants had been arrested in South Florida.

Greyhound buses serve as an inexpensive method of transportation for poor working immigrants and immigration officials quickly caught wind of this. That is why they began implementing this tactic years ago and continue to use it to catch those who are living here in the U.S. without the required documentation to do so.


People Have Become Outraged by the Viral Video that Caught One Woman Being Arrested by CPS Agents


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The membership director for the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLCI) sent out a tweet that read, “Without an official judicial warrant, border patrol agents should not be permitted to board the private property of the Greyhound corporation to harass its customers and violate their civil liberties.” Critics are sending out their own thoughts about the matter, one specifically saying, “The 4th Amendment is dead. Noted.”

Immigration officials will continue enforcing immigration laws, making it nearly impossible for anyone living in the U.S. without documentation to stay here. It is for this very reason that anyone who might be seeking citizenship or a visa enlist the help of a Fort Lauderdale immigration attorney now who can help get this accomplished. Immigration matters often take time and you have no room for mistake. Contact today and get connected with an immigration and deportation attorney who wants to help you.

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