The world is very unequal. For many people around the world migrating away from home may be the best or the only option to improve their life. Migrating can have a big effect in several ways for example, improving the income, education, enhancing an individual’s lives, and the children’s prospects. Immigration has become a major debate issue to everyone in society. Critics argue negatively about immigration such as drug trafficking, threatening to the American culture, and overcrowding, but do not see what a great impact the immigrants bring to our society. The fact that society has a negative image about immigration will not help make it any better. The diversity of these individuals and the set of rules which governs their movement make human mobility one of the most complex issues which is being faced around the world today, this is why people move out in search for better opportunities that can benefit not only them, but their family as well.

The U.S. government has been focusing a great deal on immigrants. The government is trying to legalize the people who move into the U.S Jonathon V. Last states, “In Washington, politicians are trying to reform American’s immigration system again. Both President Obama and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio are proposing ‘paths to citizenship’ for an estimated 11million immigrant” (Fertility and Immigration). The government is trying to reduce, and help immigrants so they can have a better future such as, education, a job, and have a chance in life to strive. Obama promised to help the immigrants become legal, by trying his very best to help them out from their poverty.

Diversity can bring and strengthen a population, not just in demographic terms, but also in terms of ideas that can continue to evolve and help the American dream. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” This statement holds strong for immigrants all over America. Having equal access to opportunities does not just allow Americans achieve their dreams, but also immigrants. Their success associates with everyone else in America because of the contributions immigrants implement to America. Unfortunately, the current immigration issue denies immigrants from the American dream. Yes, immigration has been an issue in the United States for a long time and will continue to press problems. As a country, the economy has to be realistic enough about illegal immigration: as long as the United States offers better opportunities in the economy, people will continue to achieve what they need in order to get where they want. Cutting ourselves from the world can generally be and/ or create a critical thing.

The definition of immigration has expanded and developed to include a profound understanding of migration. One of the biggest debates within the American people as well as political leader is the issue about immigration. This issue is about whether immigrants who come to America for a better future and life help or hurt the economy in the United States. If immigrants are taking jobs away from the native residents by creating job shortage, why is it a bad thing? People who are native to America simply prefer to not do anything, but stay home and be lazy. Immigration has always and will always be controversial in the United States. It gives the United States that economic edge in the economy.  Along with new languages and new people, there are always new ideas. Immigrants bring with them cultural knowledge and practices from their own homelands. In addition, immigrants bring entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to the economy. According to Pew Research Center, immigrants not only provide, but bring contact to business markets and also enhance America’s ability invest and trade profitably in the global economy. Immigrants keep the economy flexible enough to allow the United State producers to keep prices stable, making the economy more productive incorporating ideas into the country.

The impacts of immigration on the labor market critically depend on the skills of migrants, the skills of existing workers, and the characteristics of the host economy. They also differ between the short and long run when the economy and labor demand can adjust to the increase in labor supply. The immediate short run effects of immigration on the wages and employment of existing workers depend particularly on the extent to which migrants have skills that are substitutes or complements to those of existing worker. In addition, to expanding labor supply, immigration can also increase the demand for labor. According to Pew Research Center, migrants expand consumer demand for many goods and services. In the medium to long run, immigration is expected to lead to more investments. Both effects result in greater demand for labor and increase wages and employment in the economy. Immigration can increase competition for existing jobs, but it can also create new jobs. To the extent to which investment and labor demands respond to immigration depends on the characteristics of the United States economy. Immigrants represent that human capital which makes the entire company more productive. For example, according to national review, immigrants have developed new products into America, such as Java computer language, which has created employment opportunities to other Americans.

Few government policies can have so profound impact on a nation as immigration. Large numbers of immigrants and their descendants cannot help, but have a significant impact on the cultural, political, and economic situation in their new country. Immigration can influence wages because immigrants might work for less. For the most part, a few years after arrival, immigrant wages are very similar to those of natives in the same occupation with the same demographic characteristics. This may not be true in all places and at all times, but in general it seems that only newly arrived immigrants undercut native wages. Some employers, especially in comparison to native-born African Americans, see immigrants as better workers. It is certainly uncommon to find small business where men and women will admit that they prefer Hispanic or Asian immigrants instead of native-born blacks. This is especially true of Hispanic and Asian employers, who often prefer to hire from within their own communities. As The Issue on Immigration concludes that yes, people might have the “equal rights” to work, but there’s always going to be a preference when it comes to work and jobs. Businesses are always going to want and hire people who are willing to do the job of those “Americans” who are not capable or willing of doing so.

The population of immigrants entering the country is every day. Therefore, this means it is getting difficult to find a job for those immigrants. “The trends are more ominous than you [readers] indicate. For one thing, the diversion of some good jobs away from illegal aliens is not only pushing some migrants into sweatshop work at substandard wages and conditions, but it may also drive others into crime: burglaries, mugging, drug dealing” (New York Times). Although this may seem like a grievous thing, the government should bolster the immigrants to circumvent things like these from recurring. Immigrants are trying to find many possible ways to help themselves and their families out, but the results end-up negative.

According to Migration Policy Institute “In 2013, approximately 41.3 million immigrants live in the United States, an all-time high for a nation historically built on immigration. The United States remains a popular destination attracting about 20 percent of the world’s international migrants, even as it represents less than 5 percent of the global population.” The illegal immigrant population is composed of those who illegally enter the country in violation of the immigration law, and others enter legally and then stay illegally. The Border Patrol plays a crucial role in combating illegal immigration, but illegal immigration can’t be controlled solely at the border. According to facts about immigrants, they say that while most illegal immigrants may come only to seek work and a better economic opportunity, their presence outside the law furnishes an opportunity for terrorists to blend into the same shadows while they target the American public for their terrorist crimes. Some people advocate giving illegal immigrants legal status to bring them out of the shadows, but, if the United States accommodate illegal immigration by offering legal status, this will be seen abroad as a message that condones illegal immigration, and will forever be faced with the problem.

The border patrol is getting better. They are requiring more reinforcement. An article titled The New reality at the Boarder claims “A recent report from the nonpartisan Washington-based Migration Policy Institute found that the U.S. government now spends more on immigration enforcement than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined” (Andrew, Selee). This means that it is going to become more difficult and dangerous for illegal immigrants to crossover the border into the United States. Also, the border patrol are spending money more on enforcement instead of using that money for the U.S. citizens on financial help in school, for veterans coming back from war, or the elderly people who need health service.

On the other side, semi-literate and unskilled workers are expensive not just to society, but to the economy. Illegal immigration affects the workplace because some economist and business say that illegal workers cost the government in increased expenditures or Medicare, law enforcement, and in education because they do not pay enough taxes. According to the Gallop Pole, 66% of the Americans think and believe that immigrants cost too much by using government services. Immigrants are a vulnerable population, but there is heterogeneity in the degree to which they are vulnerable to inadequate health care. According to The Issue on Immigration, immigrants may diffuse the effect of immigration, making it very difficult to determine the impact of immigration by comparing cities.

According to National Review, many people are concern if the government does effective health screening to the new immigrants. Immigrants are being identified as a vulnerable population, but there is heterogeneity in the degree to which they are vulnerable to inadequate health care. Applicants either an immigrant visa or refugee status are required to undergo a medical examination overseas before being allowed to travel to the United States. CDC is the federal agency with regulatory oversight of the overseas medical examination, and panel physicians appointed by the U.S. Department of State perform the examinations in accordance with Technical Instructions provided by CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine. “For more than two decades, as the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases overall in the United States has declined, the proportion of cases among foreign-born persons has increased. To address this trend, CDC has developed strategies to identify and treat TB in U.S.-bound immigrants and refugees overseas. Each year, approximately 450,000 persons are admitted to the United States on an immigrant visa, and 50,000–70,000 are admitted as refugees.” With this said Immigrants are always going to find a way to seek that American dream and try to fulfill their dreams.

It is important to understand that Mexico’s experience is not unique, but rather is part of global phenomenon. The U.S. immigration debates are largely driven by politics and the truth is that both liberals and conservatives have valid concerns about immigration effects, but this political debate is shortsighted, and whatever policy choices we make will only matter in the new term. In the end, demography always wins. (Last V. Jonathon) “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt. Cutting ourselves from the world can generally be and/ or create a critical thing.