What is a visa and how can I obtain one to live permanently in the city of Chicago?


If you are looking to become a lawful permanent resident in the city of Chicago, IL, you must first obtain an immigrant visa. A sponsor will need to file a petition on behalf of the foreign citizen, which would be you, and must do so with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A sponsor might be:


  • A U.S. citizen relative which could be your spouse, a son or daughter, a parent, or a brother or sister.
  • S. lawful permanent resident which may be a spouse or unmarried son or daughter.
  • Prospective employer


If you are a skilled worker and an employer in the city of Chicago is prepared to hire you for a permanent job, they can begin the immigration process by filing the I-140 Petition for Alien Worker with USCIS. Under certain circumstances can an immigrant sponsor themselves which would mean you may file the I-140 petition on your own.

If you would like assistance with this process, our Chicago immigration attorneys are available to provide you with the assistance and guidance that could help get you the visa you are applying for.


What are the steps in the process of applying for a visa?


The steps for filing for a visa include:

  1. Get your sponsor to file a petition.
  2. Your petition will either be approved or denied.
  3. You will then want to check your priority date.
  4. The National Visa Center (NVC) processing will begin.
  5. You will then choose an agent.
  6. Pay required fees.
  7. You will need to collect and submit forms and other necessary documents to the NVC.
  8. Submit visa application form.
  9. Collect financial documents. Once your visa application is submitted, you may be asked to prove your petitioner has the ability to financially support you.
  10. Collect supporting documents.
  11. Submit documents to the NVC.
  12. Prepare for your interview.
  13. Take part of the visa applicant interview.
  14. Prepare for after the interview.


If you are looking to obtain a family or an employment based visa, our immigration attorneys in Chicago can help you to get this accomplished.


Will I always be granted a visa after I submit the application?


The United States limits the number of visas that it grants each year. This means that if you file your petition and the number of visas has already been given out, you will be placed on a waiting list. Once it comes time to begin granting visas again, they will be issued in chronological order according to the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

To become more informed on family issued visas as well as work visas, give us a call today and an agent will assist you in locating a nearby immigration and deportation lawyer in Chicago who can help you. The more informed you become, the better chance you have at succeeding in what you are trying to accomplish.