Dentist and California based attorney Dr. Orly Taitz has failed in an attempt to transfer an immigration related lawsuit from US Senior District Judge Hilda G. Tagle to US District Judge Andrew S. Hanen, according to a Valley Morning Star report. The attorney sought to move the lawsuit filed March 25th in a Brownsville federal court from Judge Tagle to Judge Hanen who incidentally is the judge to order a temporary injunction on President Obama’s executive actions on immigration reforms.

Taitz said she wanted to amend the lawsuit filed in Hanen’s court in July 14th last year and include allegations in the March 25th lawsuit. However, according to immigration attorneys, her request was denied by Hanen last week citing that there was nothing common or no facts presented that warranted the two lawsuits being consolidated.

Taitz March 25th lawsuit names several defendants that include Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, President Obama, Social Security Administration’s Acting Commissioner Caroly Colvin, and several others who she claims stole Social Security numbers. Also included are a number of Jane Does seeking asylum.

Lawsuit features multiple accusations against president

According to Rancho Santa Margarita-based Taitz, her lawsuit is the result of bogus asylum and refugee status granted to a number of illegal immigrants. She also alleges that the government has helped identity thieves and that Obama uses a Social Security number that is stolen along with other forged documents required for identification purposes.

Simple enough to fake paper work

Known as ‘Birther-Queen’, Taitz and the ‘Birther’ movement had as far back as 2011 claimed that President Obama was ineligible for the president’s post since he wasn’t a natural born citizen of the United States. She claims he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, and had presented false selective service papers to the Illinois State Bar. According to some account, President Obama was born in Kenya and not America. Anyone can have a forged or fake birth certificate.

Taitz claims that the president’s actual identity would be established in due course as the lawsuit progresses. Her lawsuit from last July 14th includes the president, Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell, Homeland’s Jeh Johnson, and Border Patrol.

In her suit, Taitz alleges that illegal immigrants spread various epidemics including the Ebola virus, and therefore requests Judge Hanen should not have to have them moved to other states or should have had them quarantined for two months or deported. Among numerous other requests is ban travel to African hot spots. She has also challenged the president’s immigration reforms policies and said that illegal immigrants are a threat to national security.

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According to immigration attorneys, Judge Hanen denied to execute any temporary restraining order and also rejected her plea to have her lawsuit combined with the one filed by Texas and other 25 states challenging the Obama administration’s immigration initiatives, in December of last year.

Pasco city police officer resigns after shooting incident involving immigrant farm laborer

Meanwhile, as reported by, nine-year Pasco police veteran Ryan Flanagan has resigned from the force after three months since he was involved in a shooting that killed an immigrant farm laborer. His attorney said that his resignation was voluntary. Ever since the incident Flanagan along with two other Pasco police officers, Adrian Alaniz and Adam Wright, were placed on paid administrative leave.

The victim, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, was killed in a shooting on Feb. 10th where officers chased him across a street and allegedly shot him just as he turned around to surrender with outstretched arms.