Attorney General Filed a Motion Against a New Biden Immigration Program 

Attorney general Paxton filed a motion that urges the court to stop the new Biden administration program designed to invite hundreds of thousands of aliens into the United States every year. This preliminary injunction was filed on the basis that the Biden government intends to recruit hundreds of thousands of aliens and fly them over to interior cities using taxpayer dollars. These aliens are then allowed to stay in the US for years.

The main issue discussed regarding this new program is the cost of bringing all these individuals into Texas. There would be millions of dollars spent on education, healthcare, and even law enforcement to ensure the entire process moves smoothly, and this is perceived to be a burden on the Texas economy. The Attorney General’s request is to suspend the parole program until a final hearing can be heard regarding the case.

Attorney general Paxton made it very clear that he believes that President Biden should be more focused on securing the border, as opposed to bringing in more aliens. (1)

The immigration process is highly sensitive, and individuals who fail to follow the proper procedure will likely end up making serious mistakes that can cause them to lose the right to work, study, and reside legally in the US. New immigration policies are constantly being announced and the best way to stay updated with them is to connect with an immigration lawyer without delay.

Why Contact an Immigration Attorney in San Antonio, Texas?

Individuals may want to contact an immigration attorney if they are thinking of immigrating to the US, or they have already immigrated but their visa has expired, or they have received a summons for deportation.

The last thing anyone wants is to leave everything they love behind because they are not legally allowed to reside in an area. The best way to prevent deportation or to decrease one’s risk of being expelled from the US is by connecting with an immigration lawyer right away and starting to build a strong defense.

If an attorney is on board from the beginning of the process, they can ensure all the paperwork is in order so any serious complications are prevented in the future. Those that try to apply and manage their immigration on their own will likely end up delaying their result or even having their application rejected due to avoidable errors on their forms and in their interviews. 

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