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House Probably Won’t Pass Immigration Reform Sen. Rubio Says

May 1, 2013/by DAMG

More Skilled Workers for New Jersey if Immigration Reform Goes Forward

April 29, 2013/by DAMG

Conservative House Members to Present Their Own Immigration Reforms

April 26, 2013/by DAMG

DHS SecretaryJanet Napolitano Defends Immigration Bill and Asylum Screening

April 23, 2013/by DAMG

In the Wake of Boston Bombings, Conservative Lawmakers Urge Delay in Immigration Reform

April 22, 2013/by DAMG

Boston Bombing Suspects Takes Center Stage in Immigration Reform Hearings

April 19, 2013/by DAMG

Who Bombed the Boston Marathon? Immigration Politics and Student Visas

April 17, 2013/by DAMG

Gang of Eight Signs Immigration Reform Bill

April 16, 2013/by DAMG

Pathway to Citizenship Will Be Difficult and Costly Sen. Marco Rubio Says

April 15, 2013/by DAMG

Senate Set to Reveal Immigration Bill This Week As Activists Descend on Washington

April 10, 2013/by DAMG

Is Immigration Reform Facing Too Many Hurdles to Pass?

April 8, 2013/by DAMG

Immigration Regulation Costs Billions New Study Shows

April 4, 2013/by DAMG

Caesar Chavez Google Doodle Sparks Controversy

April 2, 2013/by DAMG

It’s A Deal; Business and Labor Agree On immigration Reform

April 1, 2013/by DAMG

Senators Tour Arizona Border, Promises Immigration Bill Next Month

March 28, 2013/by DAMG

ICE Agent Union Weighs in on Immigration Reform

March 26, 2013/by DAMG

Business and Labor Clash over Immigration Stalling Senate Immigration Plan

March 22, 2013/by DAMG

Lawmakers Mull Reducing Family Visas in Immigration Reform

March 20, 2013/by DAMG

Supreme Court Hears Arizona Voter Law Meant to Keep Undocumented Immigrants from Voting

March 18, 2013/by DAMG

Republicans Present Opposing Views on Immigration at CPAC

March 15, 2013/by DAMG

Immigrant Lawsuits Allege Abuse by Border Patrol Agents

March 13, 2013/by DAMG

Immigration Gang of Eight Develops Pathway to Citizenship

March 12, 2013/by DAMG

Arizona Gov. Brewer Says Immigration Detainee Release Was Political Revenge

March 6, 2013/by DAMG

Jeb Bush Reverses Position on Pathway to Citizenship

March 5, 2013/by DAMG

House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte Says He’s “Open” to a Pathway to Citizenship

February 28, 2013/by DAMG

Looming Budget Sequestration Forces ICE to Release Immigration Detainees

February 26, 2013/by DAMG

Time is Not on Your Side with a Pathway to Citizenship

February 22, 2013/by DAMG

Unauthorized Immigration Levels Fall in Texas

February 20, 2013/by DAMG

Citizenship in Eight Years; Leaked Immigration Plan Sparks Outrage in Conservative Lawmakers

February 18, 2013/by DAMG

Cuban Immigration Enters Spotlight in Reform Talks

February 15, 2013/by DAMG

Administration Attempts to Steer Immigration Reform Discussion Toward Employment Verification

February 13, 2013/by DAMG

Border Security Debate Could Be Large Hurdle in Immigration Reform

February 11, 2013/by DAMG

Business and Labor Build Coalition to Push Immigration Reform

February 8, 2013/by DAMG

House Mulls Alternatives to “Extreme” Immigration Reform

February 6, 2013/by DAMG

DHS Secretary Napolitano Dispatched to Border to Highlight Security

February 4, 2013/by DAMG

President Obama Says “Now’s the Time” for Immigration Reform

January 30, 2013/by DAMG

Republican and Democratic Lawmakers Brace for Immigration Reform Debate

January 28, 2013/by DAMG

With Widespread Support, Immigration Reform is not an ‘IF,’ Instead it’s Just a Matter of Time

January 23, 2013/by DAMG

California DMV Study Bolsters Support for Illegal Immigrant Driver’s Licenses

January 16, 2013/by DAMG

Travel from Cuba Gets Easier as Migration Laws Drastically Change

January 14, 2013/by DAMG

New Family Visa Waiver Helps Families Stay Together, But Is Met With Praise and Criticism

January 9, 2013/by DAMG

Immigration Enforcement Cost the Feds $18 Billion, More than any Federal Crime Enforcement

January 7, 2013/by DAMG

White House Facilitates Easier Path to Residency for Illegal Immigrants, Builds Coalitions for Reform

January 2, 2013/by DAMG

Tennessee ACLU Alleges Improper Use of Immigration Program in Davidson County

December 26, 2012/by DAMG

Over Two Dozen Chinese Immigrants and Attorneys Arrested in Manhattan for Widespread Fraud

December 19, 2012/by DAMG

Illegal Immigrant and Sex Offender Working as Senate Aide Arrested By ICE, Why did DHS Delay his Arrest?

December 13, 2012/by DAMG

What Impact Would Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants Have on the U.S. Economy?

December 10, 2012/by DAMG

As Congress Offers Opposing Reform, Illegal Immigration to the U.S. Declines After a Decade-long Increase, Will This Shape Future Laws?

December 6, 2012/by DAMG

Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Governor Gets Sued Again This Time over Driver’s Licenses for Dreamers

December 4, 2012/by DAMG