Atlanta, GA—After a United States District Court issued an order in November 2020 that required U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to begin accepting new DACA applications and requests for renewals, many were left wondering if the agency was actually going to follow the terms outlined in the order. Just a few months ago and before the order was issued, USCIS had informed the public that it would not be processing any new DACA applications as per Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf’s order. Well, according to AP News, it appears USCIS has already begun to accept new DACA applications.


Court Documents Confirm USCIS is Accepting DACA Applications


According to AP News, a report that was submitted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Brooklyn federal court showed that 171 new applications were approved from November 14th through the end of 2020. While this might be good news for some, the court documents also revealed that 121 applications were denied and 369 were rejected. In total, the agency received 2,713 applications.

The news source also says USCIS said it approved 61,844 renewals, denied 326, and rejected 2,842 during the last six weeks of 2020. Although the agency has begun to accept and approve new DACA applications and renewals, there are a substantial number of applicants who were denied this immigration benefit. As most know, DACA was designed to protect individuals from being placed in removal proceedings while also allowing them to legally work in the U.S.


When USCIS Denies or Rejects a New DACA Application or Renewal for DACA


If an individual received a denial or rejection notice from USCIS stating that it did not approve them for DACA, their best bet is to contact Kuck | Baxter Immigration to discuss this with an Atlanta, GA immigration attorney. The lawyers at Kuck | Baxter Immigration can find out why the application was denied and if there is any way to get the decision reversed. Sometimes, it might have been denied because an error was made on one or more of the forms.

However, in other cases, the issue might be much larger than one person is equipped to handle which is why anyone whose DACA application has been denied should contact an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, GA immediately. Kuck | Baxter Immigration is a reputable immigration law firm located in Atlanta that is qualified to help address various types of immigration issues, including those that involve DACA. To get connected with a legal expert and find out what can be done after a DACA application has been denied or rejected, call 404-816-8611.


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