APPLY FOR H-1B in Washington D.C.

Attending college here in Washington, D.C., at Howard University, I see a lot of foreign people working, going to school, or visiting for a period of time. Washington, D.C. is one of the most diverse places in the United States. Hearing people from all around the world speaking their native language in such a small place like D.C., is a beautiful thing to experience. What other country outside of the United States can say that they have a country that is very diverse with different nationality, traditions, customs, and race of people. When I hear people complain about how there are many “immigrants” taking jobs, or funding from them; I am taken back by these ignorant comments that someone has influence on them or told them to say. America is built from the history of other people’s customs, language, and ancient traditions.

Over the years we all have heard stories of family coming to the United States to provide better living for themselves and their families, or trying to escape the terrifying government in their country. Those same families had dreams of coming to America, where you can be who you want to be, living a healthy prosperous life that wasn’t even possible back in their homeland.  Most of the people that enter the United States illegally cannot wait for a seven-year approval to come to the United States permanently. The payment to buy a green card to live in the United States is a heavy financial burden on families that don’t even have jobs, or work long hours a day to be paid $1.25 if even that much. That isn’t living, that is barely surviving.  As Americans, it is very easy to look at someone else situation or race and dismiss them because we live in a privileged country.

It is very critical that your do all your research about H-1B Sponsoring Companies, so that you can know what are the requirements that are needed to be met on your end as well as theirs.  Knowing as much as you can about the companies and the position that you are applying for will provide a better overall understanding of what it is that you want and they expect. For example, LCA approval and denial rate of the sponsoring companies, when do they do green cards, do they pay insurance, if you are on bench, will they support you. One should make sure that they have collected all documentation for H-1B visa application: experience letters from your current or previous employers, copies of your degrees, professional certifications, and if you have a degree from America, request transcripts.

Upon starting the process of applying for a H-1B, the primary activity for the next forty-five days to identify the list of companies that can sponsor one’s H-1B visa and then apply for jobs at the companies of your choosing.  The reason being that one should get a head start on this is because the H-1B visas usually take between three weeks (through premium processing for an additional $1,225.00 filing fee) and with a sixteen-week process and receiving time span. The H-1B is issued to about 85,000 people which includes 20,000 of those reserved for graduates of US Graduate Schools. The longest a H-1B visa is issued for is a maximum of six years, but is mostly given in three-year increment. The requirements that are needed to obtain a H-1B visa are jobs that are offered by US employer, where the position itself is a minimum need of 4-year Baccalaureate degree and the person has education and work experience to satisfy these requirements. The employer must pay the prevailing wage in that area for that specific position, and file a Labor Condition Application with the US Department of Labor.

Next, one need to find sponsors list this will help to find a job a lot quicker and sooner while waiting for further notice from the government. On this website, Redbus2us.com, you can type in what city or zip code, name of the company, job title, and year. Once you have gathered all the companies that fit you interest or area of specialty, depending on how much information that you have from the government about your H-1B status, the idea is to apply at those jobs and get interview calls. With these calls, you are wanting to get as many interviews and clear them to go to offer letter stage.


Secondly, negotiating salary, and verifying H-1B sponsors. One golden rule, go to company with some reference. Talk to someone who works in that company and ask them details. The person you talk to should not be relative or anyway related to company. He should not tell you some will put together details because he gets a bonus. If the employer size is big around 200 people in company. On a percentage basis, you can ask for 70% to 30 % ratio. It means, you get 70% of the billing rate and 30 % goes to employer. This is a good deal because if you are working for a big company, the chance of having layers before client are less. So, your employer will have good billing rate. If the employer is small, let’s say under 50 members, you should ask for 80% to 20% ratio. This means you get 80% of the billing rate.  Because, it is a small company, the idea that the person will have direct vendors or clients is very less and there are more layers, so your employer gets less money and you get more. If you have multiple H-1B sponsor offers, decide the company based on benefits.


Remember to follow up with your H-1B sponsor on your application, and in some cases, they require additional documents from you. Be sure to send the required H-1B documents to your H1B sponsoring employer before the deadline. H-1B sponsor will mail the H-1B petition to USCIS for delivery on April 1.