Immigration is a sensitive subject, but it has somehow been shoved to the side, as the media, politicians, and activists are constantly favoring other hot topics—namely LGBT and abortion rights—over the immigration and deportation issues.  Immigration is just as much a ‘people’ issue as abortion and LGBT rights, but it has so many more implications and applications.  It is about time people start taking it seriously and coming up with real, feasible options to keeping illegal immigration under control.

If you argue with someone who doesn’t respect immigration as an issue, it’s likely that they will provide the common response—it’s too expensive and unrealistic to do anything about any sort of immigration problem.  This issue, itself, has become part of popular culture, what, with Donald Trump’s suggestion that the United States build a wall along its border with Mexico.  When confronted with the issue of cost, he suggests that Mexico will pay for it.  ‘The Wall’ has made itself as much a popular culture reference as it is an actual solution to people crossing the border, if not more so.  In typical and predictable fashion, though, now, having been elected to office, Trump is backing off of his exaggerated solution, and working to develop a more practical application of his now famous wall.  Could things, in that regard, possibly be starting to fall into place?

Trump’s wall isn’t hardly his most outrageous stance, and perhaps not even his most strict and unreasonable position regarding immigration.  With increased attention on the number of undocumented immigrants in the country, Trump decided that his solution would be to deport anyone here illegally.  This caused an incredible uproar, naturally.  It takes money, energy and resources to find and deport illegal immigrants, likely money, energy and resources that the country can’t spare right now.  All of those issues are multiplied when it comes to families.  It’s a constant people issue—how someone could possibly be okay with separating families—but it’s a logistical issue just as much.  When you do send parents of children away, these children become the country’s responsibility.  There would undoubtedly be an increase in children put into ‘the system’.

There are lots of other reasons that people argue to ignore the immigration issue.  A big one is the idea of tearing apart families.  There is so much hypocritical reasoning and logic that goes into feeling this way about deportation.  Everyone is all for taking children away from criminals.  People who cross the border illegally are criminals.  The refusal to see them that way creates the tension over the issue that there is.  Even suggest that one of these people is a criminal, and it will immediately spark outrage.  The misconception is not that undocumented immigrants break the law, but that they continuously break the law once they get here.  That is a stereotype that is loosely supported, at best.  To argue that these people aren’t criminals, though, that is just ignorant.  There is a law and a procedure set in place.  Living outside of the law is criminal, no matter how you look at it.

At this point, what can be done?  It is much too easy for people to cross the border illegally, and once these people get here, they’re treated as heroes, or given too much support and lenience.  Maybe it isn’t easy to track down people living in the United States illegally, but when people are discovered to be, they should absolutely be deported.  It is worth the resources to enforce the law.  No other law is treated with the same disrespect as the laws regarding immigration.  There needs to be room made in the government for an adequate number of people to actively work on this issue.  It isn’t a joke, and it isn’t something that should be pushed off as much as it is.

The liberal agenda on immigration is terribly flawed.  There are so many reasons why immigration should be taken seriously, and the liberal position on the issue defies all logic.  People who are serious about defending the country and protecting its values and laws should be the ones who take the lead on issues of immigration reform.  There isn’t time, any longer, to let this issue go.  There are ways to go about securing the country that don’t create the problems the Democrats fear.  The people whose rights truly matter within this issue are the rights of those living legally in the United States.

Deportation is only scratching the surface of what’s wrong with the way the United States is currently viewing immigration.  It seems to be a common joke that President Elect Donald Trump will be all but closing the country’s borders, but it isn’t time to joke about this.  Hopefully after the inauguration of Trump, the country will be quickly ushered into an era where immigration and illegal immigration is taken as seriously as it should be.