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Immigrating to Wyoming

Since its original founding the United States has grown to be a world super power with a great deal of wealth. The character of its citizens and the many resources available has caused this growth of power and capital. This progress hasn’t been achieved without a cost of lives. Countless individuals have suffered many sacrifices to maintain the securities enjoyed by billions of American citizens. Comfortable living entices people from numerous nations to come to the US in search of financial security and liberty. Because so many individuals desire these comforts, the number of immigrants approved for citizenship has to be limited.

The US hosts more new immigrants on a yearly basis than any other nation. The late 1960’s brought about a liberalization of American immigration policy and have expanded the path to citizenship by allowing more foreign born inhabitants to enter the country. Naturalizing immigrants helps improve the economy of the US. Opposition to a liberal immigration policy states that jobs are taken away from natural born citizens which isn’t entirely true. The entry of immigrants actually creates jobs by adding unique skills. Accepting the idea of immigration serves to benefit the nation as whole.

Any immigrant who wishes to become a citizen of the US must first obtain a visa. There are different types of visas granted for different reasons and varying time periods. Visas are granted depending on the reason for travel to the states, many visas for migratory intent are granted. After establishing a minimum residency of three to five years, an application for naturalization must be submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The USCIS handles millions of applications annually. After approval of application for citizenship, an appointment to be interviewed by a USCIS representative will be set up. The purpose of the interview process is to determine background information and character of the person seeking naturalization, as well as the applicant’s English comprehension skills. Rudimentary understanding of English is crucial for an immigrant’s capacity to work and live in the US. Applicants must also have their health screened.

After the interview has been conducted and approved for naturalization the applicant is required to take a written and oral exam. The exam will evaluate the applicant’s knowledge of American history and government. The exam also evaluates the applicant’s comprehension of spoken and written English. Once the immigrant has passed the exam they can be sworn in as a US citizen by pledging allegiance to the United States.

Most immigrants who are here illegally wish to become naturalized. The many steps to citizenship can be simplified by a Wyoming Immigration Lawyer. The risk of deportation is high and immigrants who wish to remain legal need the support of a Wyoming Immigration Lawyer. Only through naturalization can an immigrant fully appreciate the benefits of citizenship which is the desire of all immigrants. Years of expertise and knowledge make the retention of a Wyoming Immigration Lawyer a necessity.