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Immigrating to Washington

The fact that all US citizens have immense personal liberties and the potential to gain wealth attracts millions of immigrants. The US is a nation with many natural resources and industry. America’s wealth grows as the diversity of its population increases. Each immigrant brings unique skills and ideas. The continuous population growth fuels the development of industry and the need for workers. The average annual income of an America citizen is significantly higher than the incomes of people who come from countries that contribute the most immigrants namely Mexico, China and India.

The opportunity to earn more money compels millions of people from all over the world to live and reside in the US. Many immigrants want to become naturalized citizens to rejoin their families who previously immigrated. Reunification with family accounts for two-thirds of new immigrants. The other large majority of immigrants come for more economic opportunity. Only a small percentage of economic immigrants will stay in the US legally. Numerous immigrants will not become naturalized even though they face deportation and citizenship has many benefits.

Any person who wishes to become a citizen must first obtain a visa. The US government has a large number of visas available to the immigrant. The types of visas required are dependent upon the needs of the immigrant. Any person who wants to become a naturalized citizen must live and work in the US for a period of time that ranges between three to five years. The minimum required residency is dictated by the status of the individual. After meeting the residency requirements the immigrant can apply for citizenship.

A naturalization application must be filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office. The USCIS will review the application and if approved they will set up an appointment for an in person interview with one of their representatives. The personal interview evaluates the immigrant’s capacity to speak and comprehend English. The personal interview also gathers information about the applicant’s background. An immigrant must consent to a health assessment. The completion of a health screening and the personal interview the individual can take the naturalization test.

The naturalization test is conducted by a representative of the USCIS and has two sections. One section tests the immigrant’s ability to comprehend written and spoken English which is essential to work in the US. A rudimentary knowledge of American history and government is covered by the other section of the naturalization test. When the test has been completed and passed the immigrant can be sworn in as a naturalized citizen and will be asked to pledge their allegiance to the US.

The complex process of naturalization can be discouraging for the immigrant. The assistance of a Washington Immigration Lawyer can ease the difficulties of naturalization. The legalities of immigration can be daunting unless the individual has the aid of a Washington Immigration Lawyer. The opportunities abundant in the US are only attainable with naturalization and a Washington Immigration Lawyer can be the key to unlocking those opportunities.