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Immigrating to Vermont

The pioneer spirit of American citizens helped the nation grow prosperous. The nickname “The Melting Pot” has been attributed to America because of the diversity of its citizens. The cultural differences of its populace have helped the nation grow wealthy through the interchange of diverse ideas and skills. The constant influx of immigrants has benefitted the US economically and socially. Millions of immigrants come to reside in the US annually. Most immigrants are drawn here to improve their economic situation and personal liberties.

The current stream of immigrants will continue to increase yearly. The majority of the immigrants come from Latin America, China and India. The average yearly income of the people from these countries are less than 10 thousand dollars a year which explains the inflow of immigrants from these countries. Earning more income is the major motivation for immigration though some come to rejoin family. Others come as refugees seeking asylum from oppressive political regimes or natural disasters.

To become a naturalized citizen the immigrant must first attain a visa. There are a number of visas granted and the type depends on the reasons for travel to the US. There are several visas which are assigned specifically to individuals who wish to immigrate. Should a person have a travel visa and decide they want to immigrate; the status of the visa can be changed. The visa gives an individual permission to reside and work in the US while they wait to apply for citizenship. Before an individual can apply for citizenship, they must be in the US for a period that ranges between three and five years depending status.

Once the minimum time of residency has been fulfilled, the immigrant can fill out an application for citizenship. The application for naturalization has to be filed with the office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The office will review the application and upon approval they will set an appointment to conduct an in person interview with the immigrant. Interviews are conducted to determine the immigrant’s ability to speak and understand English; which is essential to work in the US, as well as gathering background information. The immigrant must also submit to a health assessment. After the interview, with approval, the immigrant can move to the next step which is the citizenship exam. The exam focuses on the person’s written and spoken English comprehension. The citizenship test also covers American history and government. When the immigrant has passed the citizenship test they can be sworn in as a US citizen.

Making the pledge of allegiance to their new country is a turning point for the immigrant. Without the assistance of a Vermont Immigration Lawyer the person seeking naturalization may not reach that that pivotal moment. With all the time and effort invested in becoming naturalized, the aid of a Vermont Immigration Lawyer will assure that time isn’t wasted. Make certain the dream of a better life is realized by hiring a Vermont Immigration Lawyer to be your guide through immigration court.