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Immigrating to Tennessee

A nation’s wealth and prosperity is sustained and augmented by the innovative ideas of its citizens. The very idea of America, from its beginning was an original concept which attracted wave after wave of immigrants searching for an enriched life. Throughout the history of the United States, many people have sacrificed their lives to maintain the freedoms treasured by its citizens. Diversity of population enhances America by contributing unique skills and fresh ideas. The guaranteed freedoms experienced by US citizens became the blueprint for other democratic nations worldwide.

Because the US thrives on the diversity of the populace, immigration to the US has grown to epic proportions especially in the forty years. The US grants citizenship to foreign born people by the millions annually. Most immigrants who wish to immigrate do so to join their families who previously gained citizenship, they make up two-thirds of the immigrating population. A large portion of individuals who apply for citizenship come to the US in search of improved economic circumstances. Refugees seeking asylum make up only ten percent of individuals who apply for citizenship. Illegal immigrants are a large percentage of the foreign born population of the US.

Because the US recognizes the valuable contributions of its immigration population naturalization is encouraged. Naturalization is a multi-step process that takes several years. The first step to naturalization is attaining a visa. Visas are granted to people who wish to travel or work in America and cover varying times based on the immigrant’s needs. Working visas can be valid for up to ten years. With a visa the immigrant can establish residency in the US. Before an immigrant can apply for citizenship they must maintain a presence in the US for a minimum of three years to five years dependent on individual circumstances.

With residency established the immigrant must file a naturalization application with office of the US Citizenship and Naturalization Services. An agent will review the application and if approved an appointment for a personal interview will be set up. The interview with immigrant will be conducted in person to gather background information and gauge English speaking skills. The applicant must also consent to a health screening. There are certain diseases which prohibit naturalization. With the health screening and interview completed the immigrant must take a naturalization exam. The naturalization exam evaluates the applicant’s ability to comprehend written and spoken English as well as a basic knowledge of American history and government. Passing the naturalization exam means the immigrant can become a citizen and will be asked to take an oath of allegiance to their new nation.

The long and demanding process of naturalization can be simplified with the assistance of a Tennessee Immigration Lawyer. The steps to naturalization can be intimidating for the immigrant. With a Tennessee Immigration Lawyer by your side the intimidation of court can be alleviated. The immigrant can have success with the naturalization process when you have representation of a Tennessee Immigration Lawyer.