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Immigrating to South Dakota

The United States remains one of the wealthiest nations in the world. People from various nations across the world come to the US in pursuit of more economic freedom. The United States ranks in the top 5 of nations with high average annual incomes. The median annual income of US citizens averages 3 to 4 times more than the nations where the largest numbers of immigrants originate; namely Mexico, China and India. Economic factors are stated as the main reason people wish to become US citizens. Other reasons identified for seeking citizenship include reunification with family and more personal freedoms.

Most Americans perceive personal freedoms as a birthright; however for countless people across the globe personal liberties are inaccessible ideals. Because the foundation of the American way of life rests upon the principled notions of personal freedom, in respects to religion and politics, millions of immigrants, legal and illegal alike, arrive in the US every year. To fully appreciate the benefits of citizenship immigrants should become naturalized. Without naturalization the full benefits of US citizenship cannot be realized.

Citizenship is possible to immigrants who are willing to follow the proper channels. Although the voyage to naturalization takes several years, the advantages of US citizenship makes the time worthwhile. Once an immigrant has obtained status as a resident through possession of a visa or green card for a minimum of three to five years, the individual can begin the process of naturalization. Filling out the application for citizenship begins the progress to citizenship. Upon approval, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services will grant an interview to the potential candidate. The purpose of the interview is to consider the applicants eligibility. Evaluation of the immigrants’ background history and ability to speak and understand English are the main objectives of the personal interviews. After the interview and health assessment the person seeking naturalization will then be required to take a naturalization test. The test includes questions which examine the applicants’ knowledge of American history and government, as well as a rudimentary ability to speak and understand English.

Taking the oath of US citizenship is a proud moment for immigrants; it is the reward for hard work and a wonderful example of realizing the American Dream. After naturalization a foreign –born person can seek citizenship for their family members. The USCIS allows family members of naturalized immigrants an expedited route to citizenship. Many immigrants can be reunited with family members and secure the benefits that Americans have access to.

Whether you or family members seek citizenship the process can be made easier by the employ of a South Dakota Immigration Lawyer. Because comprehending immigration laws can be difficult, the employ of a South Dakota Immigration Lawyer is a sensible decision for those seeking naturalization. Having a representative in court can ease the pressures of appearing before the judge. Having a South Dakota Immigration Lawyer speak for you in the formal setting of court can ease any anxieties an immigrant may suffer.