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Immigrating to Rhode Island

American citizens live with comforts that many people in the world do without such as shelter, safe drinking water and food. Others live in countries where they fear for their personal safety and that of their families due to political and religious persecution. Immigrants come to the US searching for liberties and luxuries that don’t exist in their native countries. Most immigrants list economics as their reason for pursuing naturalization. Some want to be united with family members who have previously immigrated. The US accepts millions of people annually for citizenship

Of the millions who come to the US to earn better wages, many will seek citizenship, others will remain here illegally. Illegal immigration has become an issue. The effects illegal immigration has on citizens and social services compelled the federal government to liberalize the legal immigration system. The number of immigrants allowed naturalization increases every year. Illegal immigrants not only face deportation but also put at risk any future chances of becoming naturalized. They also cannot enjoy the full benefits of citizenship. Those individuals who become naturalized become eligible for the full benefits enjoyed by American citizens.

For the immigrant gaining naturalization can be a long process. A definitive set of criteria must be met by the immigrant. An immigrant must first acquire a visa which states their intentions. A visa allows the immigrant long term residency within the states. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services require those who are looking to be citizens have a presence in the US from three to five years, depending on individual’s status. The process of naturalization can begin once residency has been established.

An immigrant must first file an application for citizenship with the USCIS. Upon approval of the naturalization application an appointment for a personal interview with a USCIS representative will be assigned to the applicant. The interview is necessary to gauge the applicant’s ability to speak English and check the personal history. Capability to speak and understand English is paramount in being granted citizenship. A person who cannot speak English may not be able to properly assimilate into the workforce. The immigrant must also submit to a health assessment. If the candidate qualifies during the interview process then they must take a naturalization test.

The assessment test reviews the applicant’s ability to understand written and spoken English. A rudimentary knowledge of American history and government is also necessary to pass the testing portion of naturalization. Having passed the citizenship test the individual can be sworn in as a citizen. The immigrant must pledge their allegiance to the US.

With so much time and energy expended on gaining citizenship, the immigrant may not want to risk denial. The employ of a Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer can assure you success in immigration court. The naturalization process can be difficult to the untrained person but a professional Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer is trained to guide the immigrant through the system. With your future at risk the engagement of a Rhode Island Immigration Lawyer is crucial.