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Immigrating to Pennsylvania

Citizens of westernized nations experience a higher standard of living than many of people from other nations. A person in the US earnsan average of three times more income than people from countries where the largest number of immigrants originate, mainly Mexico, China and India. The American Dream is the belief that through diligence and persistent effort any American citizen can have a better life. This dream attracts millions of immigrants annually. The liberties granted to US citizens by the constitution appeals to individuals worldwide especially refugees who face persecution and fear for their personal safety. Refugees make up a small percentage of new immigrants. Most individuals come to the US in search of economic improvements while others wish to join their families.

To work in the US one doesn’t have to become a citizen but is required to leave once their visas have expired or reapply. Some individuals with expired visas stay in the US illegally. Estimates calculate that half of the immigrants present in the US are here illegally. Those immigrants that stay in the US illegally risk deportation which jeopardizes future chances of naturalization. Illegal immigration stresses the social service programs. To keep up with demands the federal government increases the allowable amount of naturalized immigrants annually.

Becoming a naturalized citizen is a long process. To have apermissible presence in the US, an immigrant must first attain a visa. There are a various visas available and are dependent upon the needs of each applicant. A visa gives the immigrant permission to reside and work inside the US. Before an immigrant can apply for citizenship, they must be a resident in the US for anywhere between three to five years; the period is dictated by individual circumstances.

Once residency has been established, the immigrant can fill out an application for citizenship with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Upon approval of application the candidate will be assigned a personal interview. The interview gauges the immigrants English speaking and comprehension skills. The test also gathers background information to determine the applicant’s eligibility. Once the interview has been conducted the applicant will be asked to take a verbal and written exam. The exam evaluates the immigrant’s spoken and written English along with a basic knowledge of American history and government. If the applicant passes the test they will be granted citizenship. The newly naturalized immigrant will be able to be confirmed in as a US citizen.

Becoming a citizen is a proud moment for immigrants who worked diligently. Realization of the dream to become an American citizen is a challenging journey for the immigrant. Enlisting the assistance of a Pennsylvania Immigration Lawyer assures the journey will be a smooth. The various challenges placed before immigrants while they endeavor to become citizens can be diminished by the service of a Pennsylvania Immigration Lawyer. Rejection of citizenship is a possibility that all immigrants face. With the aid of a Pennsylvania Immigration Lawyer the immigrant’s chances of denial can be minimized.