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Immigrating to Oklahoma

The first settlers of America built this nation through the sacrifice and ingenuity of various pioneers who wished for a better life. This vast country has been host to a numerous of immigrants since its initial discovery. Throughout its history many distinguished people sacrificed much in order to provide future generations of Americans with prosperous place to live. The abundance of resources has allowed the US to become a wealthy nation which attracts millions of immigrants annually. Most new immigrants come to America for economic reasons others are drawn to personal liberty and the desire to join their family members that previously immigrated. A few come to America for asylum from dangerous political regimes or living conditions.

The abundant wealth of the US allows its citizens who are in the lower income brackets have far more money than many of foreign born people seeking citizenship. Even though there are many steps in the course to citizenship millions apply. Any person who wishes to become a US citizen must go through several steps that may take years to accomplish due to the high volume of applicants. The waiting period and complexity of the process compels many immigrants to remain in the US illegally. Those who remain in the US illegally risk the chance of deportation endangering future chances for naturalization. Any immigrant who wishes to remain in the states must follow the proper channels of legalization.

To set naturalization in motion, an immigrant must enter the country with a visa that is granted based upon their intentions for a presence in the US. Citizenship requires a person be in the US from three to five years. Once continuous residency has been established, an immigrant must file an application for citizenship with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office. Once the application has been processed and approved the immigrant will be given an appointment for an in person interview with a representative of the USCIS. The applicant must be interviewed for number of reasons. The interview process determines the immigrant’s ability to speak and comprehend English. Information on the immigrant’s background is also collected. A potential candidate for naturalization must pass health screening called a biometrics test because certain diseases prohibit citizenship.

After the screening process is completed, an immigrant must take a verbal and written exam through the USCIS office. The exam gauges an individual’s comprehension of written and spoken English as well as basic knowledge of American history and government. Once testing is complete the immigrant can be sworn in as an American citizen.

The benefits to becoming a US citizen are many and to be certain they will become naturalized an immigrant should enlist the assistance of an Oklahoma Immigration Lawyer. Because so many apply for citizenship, acceptance can be difficult and requires the support of an Oklahoma Immigration Lawyer. Don’t allow all your time and hard work be in futile, retain an Oklahoma Immigration Lawyer to guide you through naturalization process.