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Immigrating to New Mexico

Belief in the American dream draws many foreign born individuals to the United States in search of citizenship. The American dream, as aidea, is defined by the principles that any person through perseverance and hard work can share in the nation’s wealth. As a nation rich in resources and land the chance of accomplishing a better life is within each citizen’s grasp. In addition to the opportunities of attaining wealth, immigrants are enticed by the concepts of personal liberties. Americans have freedom of religion, politics and speech that people in some other nations don’t have. The liberty to express our individualities without fear of persecution is the cornerstone of American Civilization.

The appeal of increasing wealth and more personal freedoms brings millions of immigrants to America annually. The influx of immigrants has numerous financial and cultural benefits to the US. Immigrants contribute around 10 billion to the US economy yearly. The cultural impact has benefits that are immeasurable. Because America thrives on the on its immigrant population, the process of naturalization is mutually beneficial for the citizen and immigrant alike.

Immigrants come to America by the millions each year. Some immigrants choose to be here legally, others however remain in the country illegally. Many foreign born citizens reap the benefits their citizenship allows; those who remain in the states without proper documentation face possible deportation. The presence of illegal immigrants can have a negative effect on the US economy because they don’t pay taxes which are why they are encouraged to apply for citizenship. The American dream can only be fully realized through naturalization.

Becoming a US citizen,although a long process,is a worthwhile endeavor. An immigrant is required to reside within the US from three to five years. After residency is established through the visa program, a potential entrant can fill out an application for citizenship. Once completed and the application is reviewed by an US Citizenship and Immigration Services representative. To determine initial eligibility the applicant will be granted an in person interview to evaluate their ability to speak English and background information. With the interview process completed, the candidate for naturalization must also take a biometrics test which evaluates health. To become a citizen the immigrant must pass a naturalization exam. The exam assesses the individual’s comprehension of written and spoken English as well as a basic knowledge of American history and government. If they can pass the exam the immigrant can be naturalized and sworn in as a citizen.

Immigrants need the assistance of a New Mexico Immigration Lawyer to assist them through the naturalization process. Language and cultural barriers make the process seem complex. With the representation of a New Mexico Immigration Lawyer in court, the naturalization process is easy. With the realization of the American Dream at stake an immigrant shouldn’t risk the loss of their hopes and desires remaining unfulfilled. As a professional, A New Mexico Immigration Lawyer has the expertise needed to guide an individual through immigration court.