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Immigrating to New Jersey

The spaciousness of the United States offers many opportunities to its citizens. The beauty and variety of the landscape lures people from all over the world to visit. Numerous people wish to stay and live. Those who apply for US citizenship double every year. It is estimated that immigration will fuel US population growth for the next 40 years. Approximately 69 million foreign born people will become US citizens by 2050. Various freedoms and increased income are the main attractions for individuals wishing to immigrate.

The principles of democracy compel many people to come and live within the United States. Despite the embittered views of some natural born citizens, immigrants view the US a land of great opportunity. Immigrants from all over the globe seek a better life that North America can offer. America’s continuous growth is the reason this country is dubbed the land of opportunity. Immigrants contribute unique skills and often do work natural born citizens aren’t willing to do, making up 15% of total work force. Immigrant workers contribute about 10 million dollars to the US economy annually.

For those who desire, citizenship is within their grasp. The millions who immigrate to the US every year illegally risk deportation. Immigrants who wish to stay in America must apply for legal status. To have a long term legal presence in the US, the immigrant must get a visa. A large number of visas are available depending on the needs of the applicant. The visa allows the person who wishes to be naturalized permission to work and live in the states. To begin the citizenship application process an immigrant must have continuous residency inside the US for three to five years depending on circumstances. With the minimum residency requirement has been met the immigrant can apply for naturalization.

To become an US citizen, a potential candidate must first fill out an application for naturalization with the office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. After review of your application an interview with a USCIS agent will be granted. This interview is necessary to assess the English speaking skills and background of the immigrant. The USCIS also requires a health screening for all citizenship applicants.

When approved the potential candidate will be required to take a civics and language test. In order to become a citizen, the applicant must have basic grasp of American history and government as well as the ability to communicate in English.

Negotiating the process of immigration to a new country is complicated. Potential incomers will find the process easier with the aid of a New Jersey immigration lawyer. A professional who knows all the steps in the process of becoming a citizen is vital. A New Jersey Immigration Lawyer has been specially trained to guide the immigrant through Immigrations Services. Because of the many requirements, an immigrant can feel overwhelmed and face language barriers. The language of the law is complex enough without facing a language barrier. Retaining a New Jersey Immigration Lawyer can make this difficult process stress-free.