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Immigrating to New Hampshire

Continuous economic growth and an abundance of resources compel people worldwide to immigrate to America. The cultural diversity of its population has given the US its nickname as the Melting Pot. Annually the increasing immigrant population enhances the eclectic nature of the states. Relocating to the US means better wages and an improved standard of living for the millions of people who come here. In 2010, the number of illegal immigrants averaged a little over 22 million people. the number of legal and illegal immigrants grows every year.

Three legitimate reasons for immigration are recognized by the US government for foreign born people; they are family, freedom and work. Fifteen percent of the work force is composed of legal and illegal immigrants. The 2000 mile border shared with Mexico explains one reason why Latinos make up the largest group of new immigrants, naturalized or illegal. After Mexico, China is the next large group of new immigrants. Illegal immigration strains the social service sector of the US using resources that aren’t paid into through taxation. Risking of deportation doesn’t deter so the individuals who come to America without following the proper legal channels.

Since the US thrives on the diversity of its citizens, immigrating to America has been made an easier process. Over the past 40 years a more liberal stance on immigration has been established allowing more foreign born individuals to enter the country. Any person wishing to immigrate to the US must obtain a visa which grants the individual permission to work and live in America. The immigrant must maintain a residency of up to five years unless the individual has a previously naturalized family member, in that case the residency requirement is three years.

Once the residency requirement has been met the immigrant must file a naturalization application with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office. After applying one must have an interview with a USCIS agent to determine English speaking skills and background information. The USCIS will also require a health assessment called a biometrics test.

After the interview the individual requesting citizenship will be asked to take a naturalization test. The naturalization test reviews the immigrant’s capacity to understand written and spoken English, a necessity for living and working in the US. Questions about American history and government are included in the test. Passing the naturalization test means the immigrant can be granted citizenship. The newly naturalized immigrant must take an oath of allegiance to the United States and enjoy the benefits of citizenship.

Achieving citizenship can be overwhelming which explains the number of people who enter the country illegally. Seeking the counsel of a New Hampshire Immigration Lawyer will enable an easier course to residency. Language barriers and cultural differences can be problematic in the immigration process. Hiring a New Hampshire Immigration Lawyer will prove to be a necessary step in the naturalization process. For the naturalized citizen, a New Hampshire Immigration Lawyer will make it possible to bring family and loved ones to America.