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Immigrating to Montana

The tendency of the humanity is to continually progress. The idea of progress and economic improvement are what initially brought settlers to the America. The United States along with other nations the world over, endeavor to continually progress and improve life for themselves and their families. Throughout that world, the US symbolizes abundance along with freedom. The many freedoms Americans enjoy include freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. The number of people who immigrate to the US continues to double every year; it is estimated that immigration will contribute 82% to the US population by 2050. With each wave of immigration the cultural diversity of the US is enhanced with new skills and ideas.

The chance of more income and increased freedom draw illegal and legal immigrants to the states. The typical American’s way of life tends to be far better than the life many potential immigrants have in their country of origin. Significant numbers of refugees who have escaped natural disasters or religious and political persecution, find sanctuary in the US. Seeking freedom from oppressive governments and dire economic situations compels millions of foreign people to come to the US. Reunification with families, who previously relocated to America, is the major reason immigrants apply for citizenship.

Futurenaturalized immigrants must first obtain a visa before entering the country. Visas are granted to travel, work and study in the US. Once in the country, an immigrant can request extension of their visas or apply for US nationality. A person holding a visa must first have residency in the states for a minimum of three to five years before they can even apply for citizenship. Once a presence is established the immigrant can then fill out the application for citizenship. After the application has been received an appointment for an interview with a representative from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services will be assigned. The USCIS will evaluate the potential immigrant’s ability to speak English and collect information about their background. Passing the test for naturalization can be problematic for non-native English speakers. Throughout many areas of the country English speaking and civics classes are available.

After the interview process an immigrant must have their health screened. The health screening assures the immigrant does not have any of the diseases which cause them to be unqualified for naturalization. With success in the health screening and interview process the person working towards citizenship can take the naturalization test. If the immigrant can successfully pass the naturalization test they are granted citizenship and must pledge their allegiance to the US.

Language barriers can make the legal process of immigration relatively difficult. For those who endeavor to become citizens, the aid of a Montana immigration lawyer is necessity. Interpreting the complex legalities involved with immigration prove challenging, especially if English is a second language. A Montana Immigration Lawyer can help the soon-to-be citizen with all aspects of the naturalization processes. The application and interview procedures will be easy with the assistance of a Montana Immigration Lawyer.