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Immigrating to Michigan

The economic and social wealth of a nation is dependent upon the growth of a nation’s population. Less and less natural born US citizens are having children. Projections of population growth in the US estimate that by the year 2050, 82 % will come from immigration. The diversity of skills and ideas immigrants contribute to the US has helped the nation grow to be in the top ten wealthiest nations. Throughout its history, the US has been host to waves of immigrants from different places around the world. The first part of the twentieth century the majority of immigrants came from Europe. At the beginning of the twenty first century, Latin Americans and Chinese people comprise the majority of new immigration.

The average annual incomes of individuals from Latin America and China are three times less than the average American. The majority of immigrants who arrive in the US annually come here to improve their income. Some immigrants wish to be reunited with family. A smaller percentage of immigrants come for sanctuaryas refugees fleeing their native lands for fear of personal safety and persecution. Many immigrants will become naturalized citizens but others will stay her illegally. Illegal immigrants if caught will be deported which jeopardizes the opportunity to become naturalized in the future. Immigrants who wish to stay in the US should remain here legally.

The steps to naturalization start with getting a visa. Different visas are available depending on the immigrant’s intentions. The visa allows the individual to establish a presence in the US. In order to begin the naturalization process an immigrant must maintain a continuous residency inside the US for a specified period of time depending on status which ranges from two and half to five years. Once residency is established the immigrant can apply for citizenship.

Immigrants seeking naturalization must fill out an application for citizenship. The application must be filed with the office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. An agent will review the application and if approved the immigrant will be assigned an appointment for a personal interview. The in person interview is intended to gauge the immigrant’s ability to speak English. They also want to gather the immigrant’s background information. Upon completion of the interview process the immigrant will be asked to take a citizenship test. The naturalization test asses the immigrant’s written and spoken English comprehension, along with a basic knowledge of American history. If the candidate passes the citizenship test, the applicant can be sworn in as a US citizen.

Becoming a naturalized US citizen is an immense accomplishment for the immigrant. With the opportunity of a better future at stake the immigrant shouldn’t take the risk of denial; hiring a Michigan Immigration Lawyer may guarantee success. Appearing in court can be very intimidating especially for those who aren’t native English speakers. Having the representation of a Michigan Immigration Lawyer gives the immigrant a voice in court. Becoming a US citizen can be empowering for immigrants, the assistance of a Michigan Immigration Lawyercan further that empowerment.