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Immigrating to Maryland

The United States of America since its inception has embodied a maverick spirit that revolutionized the political atmosphere of the world. The principles of Democracy were borne out of the revolutionary ideals set forth by the nation’s founding fathers. Democracy gives each citizen representation and a voice. That voice affords American citizens with freedoms and advantages not experienced by many people on earth. The rewards of US citizenship are numerous but one of the main ones is a higher income and access to social programs. Immigrants come in masses to earn better wages than available in their native countries.

Most of the foreign born populations present in the US come from Latin America, China and India. Although some natural born citizens of the US have feelings of animosity towards immigrants, the reality is their presence benefits the US economy. Immigrants contribute an estimated 10 billion to the economy annually. The prevailing misconception is that immigrants take away lower skilled jobs from Americans. The fact is immigrants bring skills to the work force Americans do not have.

The many immigrants who reside in the US wish to become fully realized citizens. The first step to naturalization is to obtain a visa. Visas are available for travel or immigration. A visa allows the immigrant to be inside the US legally. To begin the process of naturalization, the individual must have residency in the states anywhere between two and half years to five years depending on status. After a residency has been recognized the immigrant can apply for citizenship.

The application for naturalization has to be filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. After the initial application has been approved, the applicant will be assigned an appointment for a personal interview with a representative of the USCIS. The purpose of the personal interview is to get information on the background of the immigrant. Interviews also evaluate the immigrant’s capacity to speak and understand English. Knowing English is crucial to living and working in the US. With approval the immigrant can move to the next step.

Once the interview has been conducted the immigrant will be required to take an exam. The naturalization exam ascertains the potential citizen’s spoken and written understanding of English. In addition to the English portion of the exam the immigrant will have to answer question about the history and culture of America. Should the individual pass the test they will then be approved for citizenship. The newly naturalized person must take an oath pledging their allegiance to the United States.

Becoming a citizen is along arduous process. An immigrant who wants an assurance that they will be accepted should hire a Maryland Immigration Lawyer. Although naturalization seems simple, the procedures can be daunting to the person who is not a native English speaker. A Maryland Immigration Lawyer will guide the immigrant through the paperwork and court. The chances of denial for citizenship can be high unless the immigrant hires a Maryland Immigration Lawyer.