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Immigrating to Kentucky

Manycountries throughout the world live below what is recognized as the poverty level in the US. Citizens of the US have a yearly income three times higher than the countries who contribute the majority of new immigrants. In Mexico and China, where many new immigrants come from make less than the equivalent of ten thousand US dollars. Immigrants state that economic reasons are the main motivating reasons for seeking US citizenship. Other immigrants want to be near their families who have previously immigrated. There are a number of people who immigrate to the US are looking for asylum from political regimes or natural devastation present in their homelands.

With so many individuals requesting naturalization, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services require an immigrant to follow an outlined process for naturalization. The process for those seeking asylum are different than the general immigrant. Many people come to the US as illegally. There are millions who enter the country as illegal immigrants annually. Persons with an illegal status in the US face the risk of deportation which can make them unable to immigrate in the future. If an immigrant wishes to become naturalized they must first get a visa for work or travel in the US.

There are a number of visas available depending on the profession or skills. Non-immigrant visas have a time limit. Immigrant visas have no time limit and allow the individual to remain in the US for up to ten years. A person seeking naturalization must establish a presence in the US before they are considered for immigration. The time periods of residency are dependent upon the immigrants status. Once the required time of residency has been established the immigrant can apply for citizenship.

After the meeting the residency requirement, the immigrant must file an application with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The application process involves a personal interview with an agent of the USCIS. An appointment will be assigned to the applicant for an in person interview. The interview process determines the applicant’s ability to speak and comprehend English. The interview will also assess the personal history of the applicant. Once the immigrant has passed the interview process they will be given a written and oral test which focuses on American history and English comprehension. The immigrant must be able to understand written and spoken English. An applicant must pass this test before they can be naturalized. Passing the test means the immigrant can take the oath of citizenship and pledge allegiance to their new country.

The many steps to citizenship can be complicated so the immigrant will need help. Hiring a Kentucky immigration lawyer will assure all the right steps to citizenship are being completed. For those who speak English as a second language, a Kentucky immigration lawyer can make immigration easier. Speaking a foreign language makes the court system hard to comprehend. Allow a Kentucky immigration lawyer to be your voice in court.