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Immigrating to Kansas

People strive to improve their lives daily. The citizens of the US have long enjoyed a life of luxury in comparison to other countries around the world. The benefit of living in a technologically advanced nation with a great deal of wealth attracts immigrants, both legal and illegal, by the millions. Immigrants come to the US to earn better wages which improve their lives as well as their families. The majority of people who immigrate to the US do so because they want to earn more money. Many though come here seeking the personal freedom or reunification with their families who previously immigrated.

Immigrants who aspire to come to the US have many different steps to follow. There are a large number of illegal immigrants who come to the US. Illegal immigrants number in the millions and each one faces deportation. The risk of deportation doesn’t discourage people from remaining in the country. US citizenship has many benefits that illegal immigrants don’t have the opportunity to experience. Taking the steps to become a US citizen can be a long process but is worthwhile to the willing.

Any person who wishes to immigrate to the United States must first obtain a visa. There are a variety of visa options available. The type of visa an individual applies for is dependent upon their intentions of travel into the US. Not everyone traveling to the US for tourism needs a visa however, anyone who wishes to become a resident must obtain an immigration visa. An immigration visa can be applied for prior to travel or after entry to the states. Obtaining an immigration visa is the first step in the process. The US Citizenship an Immigration Services requires an immigrant to meet a number of specified criteria to grant citizenship.

Once a potential citizen establishes a minimum residency of two and half years they can file an application for citizenship with the USCIS. The immigrant will then be given an appointment for a personal interview with a representative of the USCIS. The purpose of the in person interview is to gather information about the immigrants background and ability to speak English. After the interview the candidate must take written and verbal test. The testing assesses the immigrant’s ability to speak English, as well as basic knowledge of American history and culture. Immigrants must submit to health screening because certain diseases exclude a person from immigration. If an immigrant has passed all the screening processes they can be sworn in as US citizens.

The process of becoming a US citizen can be a long and difficult one. People who need assistance through the naturalization process should contact a Kansas immigration lawyer. Although the steps outlined seem simple, the many amended laws make the process complicated especially for those who English is a second language. A Kansas immigration lawyer can speak for you in immigration court. Don’t let the process become discouraging, hire a Kansas immigration lawyer to do the work for you.