Immigrating to Illinois

Citizens of the US are keenly aware of the many rights and privileges their citizenship grants them, though some aren’t as appreciative as they should be. The multitudes of immigrants that come to America are aware of the opportunities open to them. Immigrants flock to the states by the millions in the hope of improving their station in life. Increasing their income is the main reason immigrants arrive in the US through legal and illegal means. Others desire personal liberties and reunification with family. A smaller number of immigrant are seeking asylum from countries with political unrest.

Immigrants seeking naturalization must follow a strict protocol to become legal citizens. Yearly caps on the number of immigrants allowed naturalization is the main reason millions of people to remain in the US illegally. Those who remain illegally can benefit financially however the full privileges of citizenship cannot be fully realized. Immigrants can work in the US even if they are not recognized as citizens through obtaining a green card which generally last for ten or less years depending on trade. Entering and establishing residency legally is highly recommended, otherwise the immigrant faces deportation.

For the immigrant who wishes to become naturalized they must obtain a visa. There are multitudes of visas tailored to the individual’s needs. Various visas are available to those who wish to immigrate to the US. A visa gives a person permission to live and work inside the United States. After a residency period of no less than two and half years has been established an immigrant can initiate naturalization procedures.

The first step to becoming an American is filing an application for citizenship through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. Upon receipt of application the agency will deny or approve the request. Should the request be approved the immigrant will be given an appointment for a personal interview with a representative of the USCIS. A face to face interview is necessary to gauge the immigrants English comprehension skills. An immigrant’s background and health are also evaluated. With the interview process complete the immigrant must take a citizenship test.

The testing has written and verbal sections. The main objective of the testing is to appraise the immigrant’s written and spoken understanding of English. Without a solid grasp of the English language an immigrant may not be able to fully assimilate into American society and will face prejudices. An understanding of American history and culture are also necessary for proper assimilation. The immigrant will be allowed to take the oath of citizenship once the test has been completed and passed.

The road to naturalization is along one best traveled with an Illinois immigration lawyer. Many immigrants who wish to be naturalized citizens are denied every year, to avoid that disappointment the assistance of an Illinois immigration lawyer is essential. Avoid dissatisfaction of yourself and family, enlist the expertise of an Illinois immigration lawyer to represent you in court.