Immigrating to Idaho

With the exception of Indians, all Americans are immigrants. Though their families may have been here for generations the undisputable fact is that at one point in time, their ancestors came from distant lands in search of liberties; economic, personal and religious. America was built by the toil of people and revolutionaries from the world over. The constant striving and seeking for freedom built the nation on the blood sweat and tears of the millions who came to rest on this soil. Traveling over land and sea, millions migrate to this land searching for a better life. Immigrants both legal and illegal enhance the American experience. As a nation the US has developed great economic power which wouldn’t possible without the ingenuity of its citizens, native and foreign born alike.
Most immigrants cross our borders with the promise of economic freedom foremost in their minds. The multitude of natural resources and ingenuity of the people increase the wealth of the US. Many other immigrants come as refugees seeking political asylum, other wish to be reunited with family. As a nation the US hosts more foreign born individuals than any other nation. Although the laws may need reform, the US has relatively liberal laws regarding immigration.

Foreign born persons seeking US citizenship must follow a rigid set procedure before they are considered for naturalization. Entry into the country by those who intend to immigrate is granted through visas. Anyone visiting the country who decides they want to immigrate can apply for an immigration visa. When a residency of no less than two and half years is established the immigrant can complete the application for citizenship. The completed application must be submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office for review. If their application is approved the immigrant seeking naturalization will have an in person interview set up. The personal interviews determine whether the applicant is eligible for citizenship. Eligibility is determined by evaluation of written and spoken comprehension of English as well as the background of immigrant. Immigrants are also required to pass health screening. Once approved the person seeking naturalization can take an oath of allegiance to the US. This is the moment that all the years of waiting become worth it.

“The making of an American begins at the point where he himself rejects all other ties, any other history, and himself adopts the vesture of his adopted land.”–James Baldwin

Although seemingly simple, the processes of naturalization can be difficult to understand. For an immigrant the many procedures that must be adhered to become naturalized require the assistance of an Idaho immigration lawyer. Those seeking asylum must adhere to different procedures than those immigrants who are immigrating for economic or social reasons. To fully understand the differences, immigrant should employ an Idaho immigration lawyer to explain these differing policies. Facilitating the processes of naturalization is best left to professionals who have expertise in the field. Don’t allow your naturalization be denied, hire a Idaho immigration lawyer.